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Lastname Firstname Dissertation Titles Specialty Date of protection
Samatov Khurshid Ulmasjonovich The spiritual heritage of Makhdumi Azam Kasani and its role in the upbringing of the youth 09.00.03 – History of philosophy 31.05.2018 Download
Quldoshev Asliddin Tursunovich Globalization of international environmental social-political relations and its management features 09.00.04 –Social philosophy 31.05.2018 Download
Sultanova Gulnoza Sabirovna Ideas continuity and the problems of innovation in the post-nonclassical style of scientific thinking 09.00.01. Ontology, gnoseology, logic 21.04.2018 Download
Negmatova Shaxzoda Shuxratovna Spiritual, moral and legal aspects of development of healthy competition in socially oriented market economy 09.00.04 – Social philosophy 20.04.2018 Download
Аnnаеvа Nаzоkаt Rajapbaevna The genesis, theory end practice of women’s entrepreneurship (on examples of Uzbekistan) 09.00.04 – Social philosophy 20.04.2018 Download
Omonov Bahodir Nurillayevich Social-ecological policy of Uzbekistan in around Aral zone 09.00.04 – Social philosophy 31.03.2018 Download
Yuldashev Fakhriddin Abduvasitovich Evolution of mind and knowledge in Abu Nasr Farabi's views 09.00.03 – History of philosophy 31.03.2018 Download
Usmonov Farrukh Nasirdinovich Epistemological foundations of rationality 09.00.01– Ontology, gnoseology, logic 28.12.2017 Download
Rahmanov Bakhodir Ubaydulloyevich Philosophical substantiation of human’s spiritual- psychological self-organization (Ontological and gnoseology analysis) 09.00.01- Ontology, gnoseology, logic 30.10.2017 Download
Ergasheva Mahbuba Hotambekovna Synergetic approach to the philosophical ideas in "avesta" (ontological and epistemological analysis) 09.00.01-Ontology, epistemology and logics 28.10.2017 Download
Yazdonov Ulugbek Toshmurotovich The functional integration characteristics of the institutions specialized in formation of public opinion in globalization period 09.00.04 – Social philosophy 22.03.2017 Download
Lastname Firstname Dissertation Titles Specialty Date of protection
Jumaev Rashid Normuratovich The comparative study of stories from “Masnavi-i Ma’navi” and ““Lison ut-Tair” works 10.00.02 - Uzbek literature 11.05.2018 Download
Turayeva Bahor Bahriddinovna Problems of literary time in the historical novels (based on the novels of A.Yakubov and P.Kadirov 10.00.02 - Uzbek Literature 11.05.2018 Download
Adashulloeva Gulnoza Muhaybinovna Comparative-typological analysis of phraseologisms of expressing personal qualities in Tajik and Uzbek languages 10.00.05 - Language and literature of the peoples of Asia and Africa (Tajik language and Tajik literature) 27.03.2018 Download
Nusratova Hamida Chuliboevna Literary skills of Safar Barnoev 10.00.02 – Uzbek literature 30.11.2017 Download
Istamova Shohida Makhsudovna Poetic and compositional functions of a dream in literary work 10.00.02 – Uzbek literature 30.11.2017 Download
Davlatov Olim Тhe artistic interpretation of Quran ayaths and hadiths in Alisher Navaiy's poetry 10.00.02 – Uzbek Literature 9.11.2017 Download
Mukhitdinova Nazmiya Muslikhiddinovna Mirkhasan Sadai and his literary heritage (poetics of poetry, problems of ideology-literary analyses) 10.00.02- Uzbek Literature 29.09.2017 Download
Berdiev Husan Holnazarovich Yurt - building lexicology of the Uzbek language 10.00.01 – Uzbek Language 29.09.2017 Download
Lastname Firstname Dissertation Titles Specialty Date of protection
Rustamova Mastura Samadovna About integral of Martinelli-Bochner on the semi space 01.01.01-Mathematical analysis 15.05.2018 Download
Lakaev Shukhrat Saidaxmatovich Eigenvalues and resonances of the Shro’dinger operator corresponding to a system of two particles on lattice 01.01.01 – Mathematical analysis 2.03.2018 Download
Qurbonov Shaxzod Habibullayevich An expansion for eigenvalue of the generalized friedrichs model 01.01.01 – Mathematical analysis 2.03.2018 Download
Ishankulov Farrux Tolibovich “Description of generalized harmonic functions on trees 01.01.01-Mathematical analysis 9.02.2018 Download
ULASHOV SOBIR SAXIBJANOVICH Discrete spectrum of the Schrödinger operators associated to a system of two arbitrary particles on lattice 01.01.01-Matematik analiz 22.12.2017 Download
Latipov Sherdor Mirzoevich Essential and discrete spectra of a certain generalized Friedrics model 01.01.01-Matematik analiz 22.12.2017 Download
Safarov Akbar Raxmanovich Uniform estimates for oscillatory integrals and their applications 01.01.01-Mathematical analysis 17.11.2017 Download
Lastname Firstname Dissertation Titles Specialty Date of protection
Rгzimurodov Jalol Tгrabekovich Magnetics and transport properties ion implantation silicon with manganese 01.04.09 – Physics of magnet phenomena 07.03.2018 Download
Niyazov Laziz Nurkhonovich Features of magnetic phase transitions in rear earth iron-garnets 01.04.09 – Physics of magnet phenomena 29.12.2017 Download