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Head of the department

Ruzimuradov Khaydar Khalmuradov

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  • Phone number: 99893 347-55-77
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1978 – 1983 - Student  of Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Samarkand state university
1983 – 1988 - Teacher of higher mathematics,  Department of Algebra and Geometry,  Faculty of Mechanics and  Mathematics, Samarkand state university
1988 – 1992 - Ph.D. in mathematics, Mathematical logic, Algebra and Number theory. The Saint-Petersburg Institute of Mathematics of Academy of Sciences of Russia
1993-2010 - Associated professor of Department of Algebra and Geometry, of Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Samarkand state university
April 2010- April 2015 - Head of Department of Algebra and Geometry, ass.professor,, Samarkand State University
April 2015-June 2017 - Dean of Faculty of Mechanics and  Mathematics, Samarkand State University
June 2017 – January 2019 - Head of Department Master of Science courses, Samarkand State University
January 2019 – present time - Head of Department of Algebra and Geometry, ass.professor, Samarkand State University

The department of algebra and number theory was founded in 1962, and assisted by associate professors R. Iskandarov, M.S. Sobirov, A.A. Amonov and G. Ergasheva. At the department of algebra and number theory, in various years the Honored Worker of Science of Uzbekistan prof. Romanov N.T, doc. Baskov BM, docent Ibragimov M.I, docent Shakhova LV prof. Zykov A.A., prof. B.F.Skubenko, prof. Kh.N.Narzullaev, K.B.Bakiev, senior teachers Yu.Sharipov, A.Pen, dots. Akramov OA, doc. Juraev Yu.Y., docent. F.Sharipovs were active.
Department of Geometry was founded in 1972. E-Khatipov (till 1986), prof. A.R. Artykov, senior lecturer. T. Temirov heads. At the department of geometry at different years dots. Amirov M.A., doc. X.M. Shodiev, senior lecturers of this department. R.Sharipova, Z.A. Pashaev, X.A.Nasimov, N.Rakhmatullaeva, Candidates of Physics and Mathematics Rakhmatov, N. Khudoynazarov was active.
In 1994,  these departments were unified  and called the Department of Algebra and Geometry.  Till 1996 A.R. Artykov, from 1996 to 2010, prof. A.S. Soleev, from 2010 to 2015 doc. X.X.Ruzimuradov, form 2015 to 2019 dots. G. Khasanov heads the department, starting from January 2019,  doc. X.X.Ruzimuradov is leading.
The scientific potential of the department is connected with the work of the following academic schools.
N. P. Romanov was invited from Tomsk State University in 1944 and attracted young scientists and studied the following directions of mathematics: analytical and additive theory of numbers, operator theory of function, theory of numbers and the gilbert area, theory of discrete-variable complexes . 11 candidates of sciences were trained in this direction. In particular, dots. M.S. Sobirov, X.A.Abdullayev, H.N. Narzullaev, I.Ya. Kasara, G.F. Korsakov, M.A. Subkhankulov, N.X. Teshabaevs are among them.
Professor Ahmed Amir-Asan Khatipov, who was invited to Samarkand in 1944 to train pedagogical staff in Samarkand University, is also a great contributor. Prof. A.E. - A. Khatipov, along with writing textbooks from different sections of geometry, worked in Central Asia on the history of medieval mathematics. His research on this topic has played an important role in introducing a wide range of medieval scholars to mathematical studies.
In the scientific activity of the department, the scientist from St. Petersburg B.F. Skubenko's rol are also great. B.F. Skubenko conducted research on the geometrical theory of numbers with his students and created a unique geometry school in Samarkand. Professor of this direction X.N. Narzullaev was the leader. At the initiative of the founders of this academic school, in 1972 an international conference on the theory of numbers was held in Samarkand State University. Continuing scientific researches in this direction the members of the department A. Istamov, N.Akhmedov, X. X. Mukhsinov, U.A. Akramov A. Khurramov and X.Ruzimuradov defended their candidate dissertations. In 1993, X.N. Narzullayev defended his doctoral dissertation.
Prof. A.D. Prof. Bryuno and prof. A. Soleev conduct research with a group of young scientists. Academic school on Power geometry was created in Samarkand on the initiative of its founder, three international conferences were held (ICSTM-1996, CASC-2000, SMR2150-2009). As active members of this scientific school, prof. I.Kkromov, docents U.X. Narzullaev X. X.Rimimurodov. At the present time, a scientific seminar works on the theme of "Development of Geometry and Computer Algebra Methods in the Study of Nonlinear Problems of Algebra and Analysis" funded by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.