Samarkand state university was founded in 1420

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Xalxujayev Axmad Miyassarovich

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History of the Department of "Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics"

The department was organized under the title "General Mathematics" in 1936. At first the teachers of the department together with the subject of probability theory taught subjects of mathematics, algebra and number theory, descriptive geometry.In 1936-41 the department was headed by associate professor Kuzinov RP At that time, graduate school in Moscow, the young geometer MA Sobirov, who became the dean of the faculty, returned to work at the department.

At the same time at the department there was also a teacher who came from the Kiev University AA. Shepelevsky. In 1938, a graduate of the Leningrad University entered the department. Basque. He was entrusted to lecture on the courses of mathematical analysis.
In 1944, the post of the head of the department was assigned to the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Professor N.P. Romanov, who was in charge of the department from 1944 to 1951, and in 1951, he moved to work at TashGU.
Under his leadership, defended Ph. D. dissertations M.S. Sobirov, Kh.A. Abdullaev, I.Ya. Kasara, N.Kh. Teshabaeva, M.A. Subhanulov, Kh.N. Narzullaev, F.V. Tomashevich, B.Ya. Levin, S.U. Kurtjakov. Then from the disciples N.P. Romanova MA Subkhankulov and B.Ya. Levin deepening his scientific results defended his doctoral dissertations and were invited to work in research centers outside of Uzbekistan.
From 1951 to 1961, the head of the department was assistant professor RI. Iskandarov
In 1961-1971 the department was headed by the senior lecturer V.М. Basque. At this time, the department consisted of 23 researchers. In particular, 6 teachers were drafted for drafting and descriptive geometry.
Since 1971, the head of the department was associate professor Rakhmonov R.R. At this time, in connection with the opening of new departments at the faculty, researchers were recruited for training in the preparatory department. During this period, work was carried out on teaching subjects related to the theory of probability. At the same time, work was done on teaching special courses and defending the thesis. The members of the department established a close relationship with Academician T.A. Sarimsakov and academician S.Kh. Sirozhiddinovym. During these years Professor TAAzlarov constantly visited the department, to give lectures on special courses and for the management of graduation theses of graduates.
In 1982-1988, the head of the department was Associate Professor VB Bozorov. In these years, scientific research has increased, the staff of the department has been replenished with young teachers. In 1988-93, the head of the department was Associate Professor G.V. Zlotsky. During this period, special attention was paid to educational and scientific research on the methodology of teaching mathematics. A problem seminar was organized on the scale of the country, leading scientists and specialists from Moscow, Kiev and other cities of the former Union were invited to attend. For example, professors V.G. Boltyansky and G.D. Glazer several times participated in the work of the seminar with his reports. In addition, a number of measures have been implemented to reform education.

In 1992, in connection with the termination of the activities of the Samarkand State Pedagogical Institute, nine members of the Department of Methods of Teaching Mathematics and three members of the Department of Higher Mathematics of the Physics Department were admitted to the department.
In 1993-99 the department was headed by Associate Professor I.B. Xalikulov. During these years in the first years of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the reform of higher education led to a reduction in staff, but attention was heightened and responsibility for teaching subjects and conducting research increased. Positive changes occurred during the first stage of the implementation of the national training program.
In 1999-2004, the head of the department was the associate professor Khusainov Ya.M. In this period, in connection with the strengthening of requirements for the process of teaching in higher education, a number of new educational literature, curricula and plans were developed at the department and implemented in the educational process. For example, a course of lectures has been prepared in all subjects of the department. In 2003, two directions were opened in the specialties 5A460104 - "Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics", 5A460107- "Methods of Teaching Mathematics" and successfully completed more than 20 undergraduates.
In 2001 he defended his doctoral dissertation Zlotsky G.V. on the theme "Scientific and pedagogical foundations of the formation of readiness for professional and pedagogical activity among students - mathematicians of universities" in specialty 13.00.02 - the methodology of teaching mathematics. In 2003 the name of the department was changed to "Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics".
The chair from March 2, 2005 to 2013 was headed by Professor Jalilov A.A. During this period, great attention was paid to improving the quality of teaching subjects of the department, on scientific relations with foreign countries. For example, the department established scientific ties with the scientific centers of Trieste (Italy), Turkey, Germany, England, the USA, Malaysia. During this period, the department created (20011 year) educational and methodical complexes in all subjects of the department. Three Ph.D. theses were defended under the supervision of A.A. Jalilova: Ahadulov H., Safarov Ў., Begmatov A. Over the years, about 15 methodical manuals on the methodology of teaching mathematics and probability theory, the history of mathematics were published. For example, a textbook "Algebra and the basics of mathematical analysis" was published for AL and professional colleges, one of the authors of which was an associate professor Abdukhamidov A.U.
Since March 15, 2013, Professor Abdullaev Zh.I. was elected on a competitive basis as the head of the department. During these years, much work has been done to raise the scientific prestige and prepare young qualified personnel, as well as to strengthen scientific ties with foreign scientific centers.
Since September 2018, the department was headed by Assoc. Kurbanov X.
And from January 11, 2018, Prof. A.M. Khalkuzhayev was appointed Head of the Department.
Currently, members of the department conduct lectures, practical and laboratory classes in three languages; in Uzbek, Russian, Tajik on the subjects of the theory of probability, mathematical statistics, methods of teaching mathematics, higher mathematics and mathematics at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, at the departments of history, physics, applied mathematics, Uzbek philology, Tajik philology, vocational training, economic, physical culture, fine art and music.

Members of the department constantly carry out research on the theory of probability and mathematical statistics, on the methods of teaching mathematics, the history of mathematics and mathematical physics. Scientific articles and theses of members of the department are published in international and republican scientific collections, established scientific relations with foreign and national scientific centers and participate in research in several republican grants.

A textbook by Zh.I. Abdullayev was published in co-authorship “Functional analysis and integral equations”, textbooks “Collection of problems on the theory of real variable” (parts 1-3), textbook “Mathematics. For applicants to higher education institutions ”(parts 1, 2 and 3)

Currently, the department has 2 professors, 5 associate professors, 2 senior lecturers, 6 assistants: prof.A.M. Khalkuzhayev, prof. Zh.I. Abdullaev, associate professors Kurbonov Kh., Mardonov EM, Ostonov Қ., Khalikulov S., senior teachers Kuliyev KD, Poshokhodzhaeva G., assistants Ulzhonov U., Toshkulov KH., Murtazaev M., Bozorova U., Uiliev S.

The department has established close contacts with the Uzbek National University, the Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, the Tashkent State Pedagogical University, the universities in the regions of Gulistan, Urgench, Termez, Karshi, Bukhara Pedagogical Institutes Navoi and Jizzak, and foreign research centers at the universities of Cambridge, (England), Lilla (France), Claustal (Germany), Turkey, Toronto (Canada), Czech Republic (Western Bohemia), Wales (Cardiff), Sweden (Stogolm, Lulea) and universities of the CIS countries State University, St. Petersburg, Kiev University. In addition, it carries out educational and scientific relations with all universities of the city of Samarkand.
The department has a magistracy specialty 5А130102 - "Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics", in which 10 undergraduates are studying.

Graduates of the department who completed a bachelor’s degree in “Probability theory and mathematical statistics” can work in all areas of production or general education and vocational education.

       Head of the Department   prof. A.M. Halhuzhayev