Samarkand state university was founded in 1420

DEPARTMENTS Inorganic chemistry and materials science chair Department of socio-economical geography Department of Sport Pedagogical Skills Pedagogy and psychology of preschool education Chair of Methods of primary education Department of Botany Department of Information Technology Department of economics Chair of Theory and Methodology of Preschool Education Department of History of Classical Literature Department of General Physics Department History of Uzbekistan Department of Psychology Chair Mathematical analysis Department of Russian Linguistics Department of theory and methodic physicheskoy kultury Chair Geography Chair of Zoology Department of Methods of Optimal Control Department of Economics Chair of Labor Training Department of Uzbek Linguistics Chair of Optics Chair of Archeology Theory and practice of elementary education Chair Algebra in geometry Department of Russian and Foreign Literature Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Chair Hydrometeorology Department of Plant Physiology and Microbiology Department of Human and Animal Physiology and Biochemistry Chair of Mathematical Modeling and Complex Programming Human Resources Management and Business Department Engineering Graphics Chair Theory of Literature and Literature of the Period of Independence Chair of Solid State Physics Department of World History Chair of Pedagogy Chair of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics Chair Russian language Chair Methods of teaching sports kinds Department of Ecology Department of Genetics and Biotechnology Chair organic and bioorganic chemistry Department of social sciences Department of Civil Society and National Idea Department of Music Education Department of Methods of Teaching Uzbek Language and Literature Department of Nuclear Physics Department of Historiography and Source Studies Department of Differential Equations Department English Chair of Life Safety Department of Analytical Chemistry Chair of Tajik Language and Literature Chair of Theoretical Physics and Quantum Electronics Department of Philosophy Department of Mathematical Physics and Functional Analysis Chair of Romano-Germanic Languages Physical chemistry of the department Chair Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Head of the department

Nazarov Kholmurzo

1975-1978 - Worker in the kolkhoz Kommunist Akdarya district, Samarkand region
1978 - 1983 - Student of the Samarkand State University
1983 - 1984 - All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Karakul breeding. Apply for a position as a senior laboratory assistant in the introduction department
1984-1987 - All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Karakul breeding. Adopt the vacancy for the position of senior laboratory assistant in the section of production
1987-1989 - Senior laboratory assistant in the ecology test sector
1989 - 1993 - Transferred to the position of junior researcher on the results of attestation in the introduction department
1993-1996 - Teacher of the Department of Physical Geography of Samarkand State University
1996 - 1996 - Senior lecturer of the Department of Physical Geography of Samarkand State University
1996 - 2000 - Deputy Dean of Geographical Faculty of Samarkand State University
2000 - 2000 - State tax inspector of the department for control of trade and services at the State Tax Inspectorate of the Aadarya District
2000 - 2001 - State Tax Inspector of the Department for Calculation, Analysis and Statistics of the State Tax Inspectorate of the Aadarya District
2001 - 2002 - Samarkand department of secondary special, vocational education
2006 - 2008 - A competition was held and a contract was made for the post of assistant of the Department of General Geography and Geoecology of the Samarkand State University
2006 - 2008 - Assistant of the Department of General Physical Geography of Samarkand State University
2008 - 2011 - Associate Professor of the Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology, Samarkand State University
2011 - 2013 - Head of the Department of Physical Geography of Samarkand State University
2014 - Present - Head of the Department of Geography of Samarkand State University

The modern chair of Geography of the Samarkand State University has been created in 1934 as chair of the General physical geography at Geology Geographical faculty.

At studying of history of chair of the Geography the huge role in formation and development of chair of such employees as V.A.Lopato, K.F.Kondrateva, J.A.Leven, N.I.Leonov, M.U.Umarov, Z.Sultonov, L.A.Alibekov, S.B.Abbosov, H.T.Nazarov is marked.

Nowadays the chair of Geography spends scientific researches on subjects: «Mapping of geosystems of Southwest Uzbekistan for the purpose of use and a summer residence of an ecological estimation».

Research works are directed on the decision of such questions as – studying of the nature of Southwest Uzbekistan, rational use of its natural resources, preservation of the environment, geoenvironmental problems, optimization for mankind of landscapes, forecasting of changes in the nature in the future. 

Within the limits of scientific researches on chair work under the project of the state grant of basic researches on a subject is spent: Ф-8-07- «Bases of a geographical landscape in struggle against desertification process in Uzbekistan» under the direction of professor L.A.Alibekov.

During the last years employees of chair had been published about 100 scientific articles and theses, 4 textbook, 10 manual and 8 monographers. Many higher educational institutions of our republic use results of these scientific researches.

For today on chair 2 doctor of sciences, professor, 6 candidates of science, senior lecturer, 5 senior teacher, 5 assistants continue activity. The chair Faculty teaches to Bachelor degree students on such specialties as – «The General physical geography», «Physical geography of Uzbekistan», «Economical geography», «Physical geography of Central Asia», «Political geography», «Geographical bases of wildlife management»; to the master degree students – «The Science of geosystems», «Geographical bases of mutual relation of the person and the nature», «History and geography methodology».

On chair there is magistracy on a specialty 5A140602-geography (on object of studying) where for today is trained 15 the master degree students. At chair the student's scientific circle «Site plan and calculation conducting» functions. Members of a circle are 500 students of geographical and ecology faculty who act with the reports on actual problems.

The chair of Geography in the course of realization in republic of reforms in the sphere of education actively participates in improvement of quality and efficiency of formation, preparation of mature geographical shots, scientific potential development and education of young generation in the spirit of love and fidelity to the Motherland.