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Head of the department

Haydarov Safarboy Abdirashitovich

In 1979 he was born in Bulungur district of Samarkand region.

In 1997 he graduated from secondary school №31 of Bulungur district of Samarkand region.

In 1998-2002 he was a student of the Geography Faculty of Samarkand State University.

In 2002-2004 he was a master student of the Department of Physical Geography of Samarkand State University.

In 2008-2010, Assistant-Lecturer, Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service

In 2010-2019, senior lecturer, Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service

In 2015-2018, practicing research trainee (postgraduate student) at the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek

In 2019-2019, senior lecturer at the Department of Hydrometeorology, Samarkand State University.

Since 2020, Acting Associate Professor of the Department of Hydrometeorology, Samarkand State University.

Since 2020, Head of the Department of Hydrometeorology, Samarkand State University.

1. Briefly about the chair - In 2005, the Chair of Hydrometeorology and Landscape Studies was formed in connection with the opening of the direction on hydrometeorology in August 2007. Initially, the chair began to work 6.5 staff members of the teachers. In 2015 the name of the chair was renamed and became the name of Hydrometeorology. Currently, the chair has 10.0 staff units and 13 professorship and re-education staff, 3 doctoral students. Three of them are doctors of science, professors (Sh.T. Khalikulov, A.A.Abdulkasimov, A.Rakhmatullev), 2 senior lecturers (A.Ravshanov, B.Meliyev) and 6 assistants.

2. Specificity of personnel - participation in the preparation of bachelors and masters in the structure of the faculty. In the department there is a doctorate.

3.To be prepared according to the classification of specialization by code -5140600 geography and 5140700 hydrometeorology bachelors, 5A141101- hydrology, magistrants, 11.00.01-physical geography, 11.00.07-hydrology, there is PhD in the chair.

Based on the national training program and the requirements of GSO in the bachelor's degree in geography and hydrometeorology for four years, a fundamental practical skill is given. And the magistracy provides fundamental and practical knowledge at the core of the bachelor's degree in geography and hydrometeorology. This provides for the ability to own opinions on the problems of hydrology and the ability to accept the acquisition of knowledge in practice.