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Head of the department

Aminjonov Sharifkul

In 1960 the course of medical preparation and citizen’s protection was founded under Samarkand State University.  Toshmetov Alikhan Toshmetovich, a colonel in the reservation, was selected as a leader of this course. In 1961, the course was widened and a teacher and doctor Rashidov Masejon Hamidovich was employed for teaching the basements of medical education. After a year, he was promoted and as a consequence, he became the head of the chair. In 1964, further doctor – teacher Wiseberg Nonna Ivanovna began working in the chair.

In the chair, the subject of citizen’s protection was taught by Klipenko Philipp Pavlovich and Manin Grigori Grigorievich , lieutenant colonels in reservation. During the next few years this subject was taught by lieutenant  colonels Prokopenko Evgeni Ivanovich and Zaycev A. P.

It is deservable to highlight that Rashidov M. H. had a great role in organizing the chair and arranging educational activities. He was a head of the chair from 1960 to 1990. After his resignation, this duty was possessed by Nonna Ivanovna till 1992. Furthermore, Teryochina E. M., Guziev V. S., Diveev S. D. and Sadullayev Sh, S also worked with Rashidov M. H. The initial establishment of the chair settled in the third floor of the building of the Institute of foreign languages. After a decade, in 1976 it was moved and current building has been used till today. In 1992, Pedagogical institute and our university were united and after this event the assignment of leading the chair was possessed by an assistant professor R.R. Malikova. She worked till December of 2011 together with contributing to the development of the chair and enriching it by employing well educated and experienced teachers.     

Nowadays, professor E. E. Kobilov, F. I. Gaybullaeva, X. I. Korieva, N. A. Maksudova, N. A. Urunova, N. M. Khalilova, N. N. Yormuhammedova, E. K. Parmonov, F. N. Kurbanova, M. A. Bakaeva, F. V. Arifdjanova, M. E. Mardanova, M. A. Khujabekov, D. Y. Haydarov, N. H. Gafforova and the head of the cabinet M. B. Shamsieva are working in the chair. From February 2012 the chair has been managed by G. I. Khudayberdieva. The teachers give lectures to the first, second and third course students about the subjects “Citizen’s protection”, “The basements of  the medical education” and “The safety of  the activity of life”.

Since September 2015, the name of the chair has been changed to “The safety of the activity of life”.