Samarkand state university was founded in 1420

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Head of the Department of Social and Economic Geography

Kadirov Murodillo Aslamovich

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The department economic and social geography of the geographical branch were opened in 1961. first chief has S.BURENKO with 1961-1963. With 1963 managing department managed F.I.BAHRIEV. In this time part young scientist from local nationality was sent on training in graduate school Moscow State University. Of them M.H.HALIMOV, M.U.UMAROV and others. All are a young scientist during have finished and have protected the thesis and returned. With 1965-1975 M.H.HALIMOV was manage pulpits department.  In this period S. Abdullaev, G.ASHUROV under the direction of prof. Z.M.AKRAMOVA Tashkent State University, M.K.HOSHIMOVA under the direction of professor of the pedagogical faculty Samarkand State University A.S.EFIMOVA have protected the candidate's thesis. Since 1975-1981 manage department "economic and social geography" was Ashurov.

Since 1981-1999 manage department economic and social geography was Jumabaev. During his(its) management young scientist N.H.MAMATKULOV, M.A.KODIROV, H.HALIMOVA were sent on training in scientific schools city Moscow and Tashkent.

In 1999 for short period H.HALIMOVA was manage department. In 2000 on place chief of the department was chose by N.H.MAMATKULOV and before 2009 he seminal. In this period scientific potential else increased. The Candidate's thesis has protected 2003 M.USMONOV, 2006 O.MUHAMEDOV. In this period M.USMONOV воспитали scientific workman as O.KUVONDIKOV. afterwards U.BADALOV, A.OBLAKULOV, D. Zaynidinova, N.SOBIROVA, M.USMONOV. Many of them work institute our republics in different scholastic. As follows, D.ZAYNIDINOVA works teacher in Tashkent Pedagogical Institute, M.USMONOV works the deputy of the dean Djizzak Pedagogical institute. The Students and masters finished our pulpit work in different sphere of activity.

The chief of the department M.USMANOV leads Since 2009. At present in scientifically-pedagogical sphere work 7 teachers (5 from which assistant professors, and 2 assistents).  The Scientific potential forms 75 %. The Young specialists as O.KUVONDIKOV And U.BADALOV develop its scientific activity run on management of the professor of the Uzbek National University A.SOLIEVA. At years of independence pulpit has set the relationship up with foreign specialist. Exactly, our specialists on program "Tasis" Tempus were in many city of the Europe and have studied the knowledges in the field of urban of the problems. The department Economic and social geography on base entrance (initial) test 1991, 1992 concerns with education growing generations of the department with gifted student, big attention spares for the further development of the new generation of the department. This was installed at years of independence.  1997 first swallows department were accepted on functioning and for them were created all scientific conditions. This reached M.R.USMONOV, O.H.KUVONDIKOV, S.KORAEV.

At present 4 teachers of the pulpit work on doctoral thesis.  The Teachers professors have released the scholastic allowances, monographs and methodical allowances.  On department on all subject are created by book complex. Electronic books are created On the main subject. Exactly, scholastic allowances on "Geography tourism", "Economic and social geography", methodical undertaking practical and  occupation, are created books for student on subject economic and social geography.  At present, the pulpit has installed the corporative cooperation with academic lycee 3 College of the tourism and spheres of the service, Kattaturk college of the sphere of the service Payarik region. The department has prepared scholastic and methodical allowances on subject for colleges and lycee.