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Head of the department

Ikromov Isroil

1979-1982 - a student of the Samarkand State University
1982-1985 - Student of Moscow State University
1985 - 1985 - Trainee researcher of the Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan
1985 - 1988 - Postgraduate Student, Moscow State University
1988 - 1991 - Assistant of the Samarkand State University
1991-1994 - Doctoral student of Tashkent State University
1994 - 2001 - Senior Researcher of the Samarkand Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan
2001 - present - Head of the Department of Samarkand State University

Department of Mathematical Analysis is one of the first departments established in Samarkand State University, founded in 1934. The first head of the department was the senior lecturer V. Solovev. Prior to the Great Patriotic War, M.Sobirov, RI Iskandarov, Sh.T.Makududov and others worked in this department. After reorganization of the university in 1944, the department was headed by associate professor M.Sobirov in 1945-1961.

The department was headed by associate professor X.Abdullayev in 1961-1966, honored scientist of Uzbekistan in 1966-1972, associate professor A.N.Nazarov in 1972-1984, docent U.E.Mamirov in 1985-1994 From 1994 to present professor IAIkromov directs the chair. Abdusalemov B., Hudaynazarov H., Hodzhayorov B., Safarov T., Begmatov AH, Kornienko VV, Ikromov IA, Djalilov A., who have listened and worked in the department special courses. A., Qosimov Sh.G., Roziqov O'. A., Abdullaev JI, Imomqulov SA There are magistracy, base doctorate (doctoral studies), doctoral studies at the department. From 1965 to now, more than 40 students have been defending their candidate dissertations. Alumni of the department have been and are in charge of public administration bodies, district public education directorate, KHK and AL, directors of internal affairs and general education schools.

The following professors have been working at the department: Kabulov R., Ruziev J., Nazarov A., Asrorov Ya., Nurimov T., Hamrayev Q., Rabbimov A.S., Mamatkulov A., Soliev A., Ashurov R. , Musaev A., Aymatov Q., Otakulov S., Lagaev S.N. Abdukodirov Z., Mamatkulov H., Ochilov PI, Islamov I., Kornienko V.V., Begmatov A.H., Ibragimova S.G., Muyasarov A., Sunnatov XM, Matniyazov B., Bakiyev K., Pozdniyakova N.S.Mamatov Sh.

The department conducts scientifically-methodical work in several foreign countries in cooperation with Moscow State University (Moscow), Kiel (Germany). Teachers of the department Ikramov I.A. (Italy, Germany, Turkey, Korea), Mardiev R. (France), Arzikulov AU (England, Turkey), Absalamov AT (Italy, USA). Today "Theory of Species and its Applications" Professor Ikramov I.A. under his leadership.

Prof. IAkromov and docent. U. Mamyrov was awarded the "25th Anniversary of Independence" badge. Prof. Ikromov I.A. The Best Researcher of the Year, Associate Professor AR Arzikulov won the 2015 Best Pedagogue of the Year in 2010 and 2015. Dots A.Goziev's textbook was awarded the "Best Teacher of the Year" competition in 2016 and was awarded the Ministry's Commendation Letter. The chair provides mathematical analysis and mathematical sciences in mathematics, mechanics, applied mathematics and informatics, physics and pedagogy. She also teaches mathematics and bachelor degree courses and specialization subjects.

There are three scientific researches in the department:

  1. The theory of vibration integral (Ikramov IA, Turakulov DD, Hasanov GO, Safarov A.R., Usmanov S., Muronov Sh.A.).
  2. Border problems of analytic functions and singular integral equations (Goziev A., Absalamov T., Mardiev R., Fayzullaeva B.).
  3. The theory and methodology of mathematical analysis (Goziev A., Mamirov U.E., Ashurova Z., Fayzullaeva B., Arziqulov A.U.)


prof.Ikromov I.A.

1. Volatile integrals and their applications in 2003 (for masters)

2. Estimates for maximal functions and associated problems in harmonic analysis with hypersurfaces in $ \ mathbb {R} ^ 3 $. Acta mathematics, 204 (2010), no.             2, 151-271. Pech. 120 M. Kempe and D. Mueller

3. Fourier Restriction for Hypersurfaces in three dimensions and Newton Polyhedra. Annals of Mathematics Studies Number 194, Monograph. Princeton University, Press 2016, 258. D. Mueller Prof.

 Goziev A.

1. Collection of Examples and Mathematical Analysis (Study Guide) (in collaboration with I.Isroilov and M.Yakhshiboev) 283 pages. Tashkent 2006
2. Functions and graphs (study guide) (in co-operation with I.Isroilov and M.Yakhshiboev) 592 pages. Tashkent, 2005

3. Case Study and Mathematical Analysis, Study Guide (Part 3). 2012 year Science & Technology nash. (I.Israilov, M. Yakhshiboev).

4. Collection of Examples and Mathematical Analysis, Study Guide (Part 4) 2013 Science. (I.Israilov, M. Yakhshiboev).

5. Collection of Examples and Mathematical Analysis, Curriculum (Part 2) 2012 Science. (I.Israilov, M. Yakhshiboev).

Members of the department were the following international and republic grants: Prof. IAIkromov. - DFG (USB-486) ​​grant from Kiel University, Germany (2001-2019), Grant for International Theoretical Physics Center in Trieste (2002-2003), FFKF Foundation of Uzbekistan 70 - 06 2005. Since 2001, IAIkromov has been working with DFG Foundation in cooperation with Kiel University Professor D.Muller. He was a member of the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics in Italy between 1996-2004 and 2007-2013. OT-F4-69 «Harmonic analysis, level geometry and their application in mathematical physics» (2017, Uzbekistan)

Prof. A.Djalilov. - Grant of International Theoretical Physics Center in Trieste, Italy (2002), German DAAD Scholarship (2004). Scientific Grant of University of Lille 1 (2005), Grants of the Royal Society of France (2004-2006).

Graduates of the department

In 1967, under the department, Goziev A., Tursunkulov M., Nazarov A. the special course on "Border Problems of Analytical Functions and Special Integral Equations" has been organized at the initiative of the Institute. Since 1971 till present time more than 1060 students have graduated from the department. Absalomov A., a student of the specialty (elective) course, created at the department. (Academician A.Aktamujaev State Scholarship Winner), Juraeva A. (Beruniy State Scholarship winner, Zulfiya State Prize winner), Qalandarova M. (Ulugbek State Scholarship), Eshtemirova L. (Ulugbek State Scholarship). Ibrogimov O. He received a Ph.D. from Bern in Switzerland in 2016. He is currently studying at the University of Bern in doctoral studies. Ibragimov is the winner of the Presidential Scholarship, the first in the Republican Qualifying Competition. The first masters of the department Kuliev K, Dustmurodova G., Kulieva G., Kornienko D. (1999-2001), Nurmatov X. (2000-2002), Sattorov A, Achilov A., Khudoyberdiev G. (2001-2003), (studied at magistracy and doctoral studies in the Czech Republic). In addition, Kuliev K and Kulieva G. have successfully completed the degree of "Litcentiat" from the Swedish state. Ahatkulov H (Malaysia) is working.

Post graduate students of the department Hasanov G (2004) and Shoymardonov Sh. (2005) at the International Center for Theoretical Physics in Italy, a first-year postgraduate student Absalomov A. In 2007, she won a prize at the International Center for Theoretical Physics in Italy and continued her education for one year in Trieste. Ikramova DI is a graduate student at the International Center for Theoretical Physics in Trieste (2014-2015), Akramov I, a graduate of Bremen University, Germany (2015-2016) and a postgraduate student at Hannover University in Germany. doctoral student A.Safarov took the 1st place in 2017 in the city of Tashkent on the theme of "The 21st Century - the Age of Intellectual Generation" in the final V Republic scientific-practical conference of young scientists and students.