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Head of the department

Berdiyev Shavkat

1967-1972 - student of Samarkand State University
1972-1976 - teacher in schools number 68, 73 in Nurata district
1976-1979 - Assistant Samarkand State Institute of Architecture and Construction
1979-1982 - Postgraduate student of the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute.
1982-1987 - Assistant Samarkand State Institute of Architecture and Construction
1987-1989 - Senior Lecturer, Samarkand State Institute of Architecture and Construction
1989-1991 - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Samarkand State Institute of Architecture and Construction
1991-1992 - Professor of Samarkand State Institute of Architecture and Construction
1992-1995 - Professor of the Department "Theoretical Mechanics" of Samarkand State University.
1995-2001 - Head of the department "Theoretical and practical mechanics" of Samarkand State University.
2001-2004 - Vice-Rector for Academic Lyceums, vocational colleges and marketing services of Samarkand State University, Head of the Department "Theoretical and practical mechanics", professor
2004-2005 - Head of Applied Mechanics Department, Samarkand State University, Professor
2005-2009 Vice Rector for Academic Lyceums, Professional Colleges of Samarkand State University, Head of the Department of Practical Mechanics, Professor
2009-2013 - Head of the Department of "Mechanics" of Samarkand State University.
2013-2016 - Professor of Tashkent State Technical University
2016-2018 - Professor of the Department of Higher Mathematics of the Tashkent State Technical University
2018, from the 1st From February to July 5 - Professor of the department "Theoretical and practical mechanics" of Samarkand State University.
2018 - from July 6 until now - head of the department "Theoretical and practical mechanics" of Samarkand State University

“Theoretical and applied mechanics” is one of the historical departments of Samarkand State University. On the initiative of Professor I.Kukles, in 1946 the department “Theoretical Mechanics” was created, and in 1950 the department “Mechanics”. I.Kukles was a professor, a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, an honored scientist of Uzbekistan, an academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Over the years, I.S. Kukles, H.R.Rakhimov, I.I.Shirov, N.A.Tubasov, MB.Bukyamukhov, I.M. Dorfman, A.F. Zhutunzhi, B.U. Usmonov, L.M. Kucherenko, E.N. Rudenko, A.M. Matvienko, T.N. Nurov, Z. Жayumov, O.M. Dusmatov, R.Sh.Indiaminov, A. Tillavov, F.A. Amirkulova, F. Sattorov, M. Rakhmatov.

Academician T.Sh. Shirinkulov, professors: FB Badalov, K.Sh.Bobomurodov, Kh.T.Turaev, A.I.Latipov, Z.Akilov, B.Kh.Huzhayorov, X .H.Hudoynazarov, O.M. Dusmatov.

From 1977 to 1995, the department was headed by Associate Professor T.N. Nurov, in 1995-2013, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Kh.H.Hudoynazarov, in 2013-2018, Associate Professor Sh.D. Berdiev. Since 2018, the head of the department is Professor H.H.Hudoynazarov.

The members of the department are engaged in the development of methods and practical application of methods based on refined physicomechanical characteristics of structures and their elements, especially in local areas of destruction, regulation of material structures, optimization and effective design of flat and spatial systems of valves, the theory of symmetric and asymmetric vibrations of shells and rods relative to the axis.

Members of the department are engaged in scientific activities in collaboration with scientists from the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Moscow State University, Tomsk State University, California State University (USA), and Auckland State University (New Zealand).

Currently, the department engaged in the activities of the following teachers:

1. Khudoynazarov Kh.H., professor

2. Khasanov A.Z., professor

3. Mardonov B., professor

4. A. Akhmedov, professor

5. Abdirashidov A., associate professor

6. Abdullaev O., associate Professor

7. Berdiev S., associate professor

8. Buronov H., associate professor

9. Nishonov U., senior Lecturer

10. Kasimova F., senior Lecturer

11. Ismoilov E., assistant

12.Hudoyberdieva S., assistant