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Head of the department

Kuziev Mirzoxid

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         Since 1934, the department operates under the name of the department "Human and  Animal Physiology" at the  Faculty of  Biology of the University. Popov worked. In 1944, after merging this department with the Department of Biochemistry, it was renamed to a new name - “Physiology and Biochemistry of Man and Animals”. The head of  PM. M. Factorovich. Until 1970, this department was headed by the famous physiologist  B.Yu. Khamrakulov.  During this period, Chianurov, DA, Mamaeva, T.N., Ataullaksanov, IA, Abdullaeva, DA, Kadirova, SZ, Isakov XI, Bagoev, FB, ToginAinazarov, A.Sh. as well as professionals.

         For the research work of the department works prof. L.N. Lyapin was a co-author. During this period, a member of the department I.Ataulkhanov. He defended his doctoral thesis.

         The head of the department was the rector of the university, in 1970-1972 academician J.H. Turakulov was the leader. In the years 1972-1993 he was a professor. Rish M.A. He began research on the topic “Use of trace elements in the development of animal husbandry in the biochemical regions of Uzbekistan” and organized the problem laboratory “Biochemistry of trace elements”. Under his leadership, 6 doctors of science and 60 candidates of science were trained, a biochemical school was created.

In 1993-1998, the department was headed by prof. Nuritdinov E.N. led during this period, he conducted research on the topic "The mechanism of neuropeptide control of high nervous activity". From September 1998 to March 1999, he headed the department. F.B. Bokayev

         In 1998, in connection with the accession of the Department of Anatomy and Human Physiology of the former Samarkand State Pedagogical Institute, the scientific and pedagogical potential of the department increased. From March 1999 to March 2005, the department was prof. M. O '. Uralov was the leader. Scientific studies on the topic “Evolution, ecophysiological and biochemical principles of animal biology” were conducted by Radjabov A.I., Bozorov B.M., G.A. Dushanova successfully defended her thesis, and the scientific potential of the department increased.

         In 2005, the department was merged into the Department of "Genetics and Biotechnology" and received the name "Physiology, Genetics and Biochemistry." From March 29, 2005 to June 2011, the department was headed by Associate Professor Safin MG. When he headed the department, prof. Urolov M.U. Along with the research work on international grant No. 31.04 and 14 scientific articles were published in journals of foreign countries. (Head Prof. Nizomov). In 2009, a graduate student Ioselevich MA. defending his thesis, in the same period he had a master's degree in 3 areas (5A420105-Human and Animal Physiology,  5A420109-Biochemistry, 5A420110-Biotechnology). From June 2011 to January 2012 leading scientist  prof. And Z. T. Rajamurodov. Under his leadership, masters and researchers conduct  research on the topic “Physiology of the processes of digestion in rabbits”. At the department under the guidance  of 2 researchers and interns conducted research.

        From January 2012 to March, the department was headed by Z.F. Ismailov, D.Sc. led from April 2012 to December 30, 2013, Associate Professor B.M. Bozorov. Over the years, researcher Assoc. Ismaylova M. In June 2012, she successfully defended her thesis and received the degree of Candidate of Science (supervisor, academician Soatov TS).

History of the year 2018

        In 2018, the base doctor of  the department  MS. Kuziev defended his thesis for the degree of Candidate of Biological Sciences (head of the department, professor Z.T. Rajamurodov).

       This year, the assistant  of the department, an independent researcher Yu.S. Ruziev defended his thesis in biological sciences (Professor KA Mirakhmedov).

Since September 2018, the Department of Physiology, Genetics and Biochemistry was divided into two separate sections, one of which was called “Human and Animal Physiology and Biochemistry”. Graduate students. Mississippi Kuziev leads.

Currently, the department has 11 professors, teachers, of which 7 are academic degrees (64%), 4 scientific degrees (45). Among them are 1 doctor and professor. 4 candidates of sciences, 2 doctors of sciences, 4 associate professors, 2 candidates of sciences and others who do not have a scientific degree.

        As for the achievements of the department in 2010, the textbook of Z.T. Rajamurodovwas published. "Human and Animal Physiology", and the best textbook of the year took 3rd place in the competition. In 2013, Radzhamurodov Z.T., Bozorov B.M., Radjabov A.I. The textbook "Young physiology and hygiene" published by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Research work.

        Employees of  the department conduct advanced research on the theme “Effective use of  the oasis bioresources of  Zeravshan and the theoretical and practical foundations of new pedagogical and innovative academic disciplines”.

        1. Changes in physiological and biochemical parameters of cattle breeding on pasture and nutritious feed in the dietanimals and their effect on animal productivity. Professor Z.T. Rajamuradov, dos. Bozorov B.M. PhD. Mississippi Autumn. ass. D.G '. Haiti, donkey Khaidarov S. Scientific researchers, magistrates.

        2. Assoc. Safin MG, ass. RuzievYu.S., Masters. The study of the etiological and biochemical aspects of heterohemoglobinuria in karakul sheep. Artists.

        3. Assoc. AE Rajabov Ass. NB Rakhmatova Masters. The effect of the microcellular composition of some cultivated plants grown in the Tail and Samarkand districts, their effectiveness has been studied.

       Professors and teachers of the department, along with the study of scientific literature on this topic, published scientific articles in the proceedings of conferences, collections, scientific journals, as a result of work carried out in accordance with the research plan.

Department activity in educational and methodical work.

   The department has work programs in general disciplines in Uzbek, Russian and Tajik languages, 5140100 - "Biology" and "Biotechnology". Also preparing lecture texts and teaching materials for all disciplines.

The faculty of the department publishes textbooks, manuals, guidelines, guidelines and has been used for many years in the educational process.

Achievements of the faculty and students of the department.

prof. Z.T.Rajamurodov  prepared electronic textbooks on human and animal physiology, prof. Z.T.Rajamurodov, dos. A. Radjabov, dos. B.M. Bozorov, ass. D.G.Hayitov prepared textbooks on "Physiology and hygiene of youth". Olimjanova Sadoqat (named after Z.Z. Zirov), Nurmukhamedova Feruza (named after Z. Saidov) - winners.

Further plans for the department.

        In the future, the department continues research areas of undergraduate, graduate and senior researchers, doctors 3 (doctors), 4 doctors of science, as well as participation in international and national research projects and innovative projects based on research projects.