Samarkand state university was founded in 1420

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Head of the department

Jumabayev Abduvakhid

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1973-1975  Researcher of sub-faculty  Optics at Samarkand State University;
1975-1977  Research associate of sub-faculty of optics at Samarkand State university
1977-1982  PhD student of sub faculty of Optics at Samarkand state university;
1982-1993  Associate professor of sub faculty of optics ate Samarkand state university;
1994-2001  Dean of physics department at Samarkand state university;
2001-2011  Professor of sub-faculty of optics and spectroscopy at Samarkand State University;
2011-2015 Temporarily head of sub-faculty of  optics and spectroscopy at Samarkand State University;
2017- present  Head of sub-faculty of Optics at Samarkand State University.

Faculty of optics was founded in 1935 and it has been activating to contributing to develop science-education together with prepare many highly qualified specialists in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The sub-faculty was founded by prof. A.Titov, prof. M.F.Wuks, prof. M.Chulonovsky, prof. M.Muminov, prof. A.Tekuchov, prof. S.U.Umarov, prof. M.Saidov and academician A.K. Atakhodzhaev. These scholars were a lot of serviced for the sup-faculty optics.
"The Samarkand School of Optics" was created by academician
A. K.Atakhodzhaev influence is very famous not only in Uzbekistan but also abroad. Recently the activate of the school is being continued by academician A.K. Atakhodzhaev's apprentices successfully continuing their research and the results of investigates are have been  publishing at the international journals such as "Raman spectroscopy", "Molecular Structure", "Molecular liquids", "Optics and Spectroscopy." That is why scientific investigates are gathered and published in FAN published house following monographs:  in 1981 «Спектральное распределение интенсивности в крыле линии рассеяния жидкостей и растворов», «Динамика молекул в жидкостях» in 2009, and «Структура молекулярных агрегатов в жидкостях и их проявления в спектрах комбинационного рассеяния» in 2014. During the years of 1996, 2001, 2006, 2013, 2016 in basis of the "optics school" was organized the international conferences about "actual problems of molecular spectroscopy". In these conferences were participated famous scholars in the range from USA, Germany, Poland, Russian and Ukraine.
Now days, professor A.Jumabaev heads of the sub-faculty. For the  organized the scientific, educational, teaching-methodological and educational works professors: N.Nizomov, A.Jumabaev, U.Tashkenbaev, Doctor of science E. Kurtaliev, associate professors - Juraev U. B., Murodov G., Yakubov AA, Mamatov Z.U, Khushvaktov X.A, Absanov A.A, Khudoyberdiyev. B assistants - Sharifov G., Norkulov A., Khudoykulov.B  are serving well. One of member of the group Amonov A.X is PhD student. Besides a few technicians are working at the sub-faculty of Optics.
Since 2017, the Department has a Specialized Council. Currently, the students of the Department prof Farrukh fattoev works at the University of Florida (USA), prof Barium Ottomans in a prestigious American University, sh. Nizamov in Brandenburg technical University (Germany).
International cooperation of the Department is well established. Employees of the Department conduct joint research work with prof. K. G. Tokhadze from St. Petersburg state University, I. Doroshenko from Kiev National University, who come and give lectures to students and masters. In addition, applicants for basic doctoral studies conduct their research at St. Petersburg state University.