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Head of the department

Djabborov Abdurashid Rayimovich

1966 - 1971. - student of Samarkand State University;
1971 - 1971. - laboratory assistant of the Department of Zoology of Samarkand State University;
1971 - 1980. - Secretary of the Komsomol Committee of Samarkand State University;
1972 - 1973. - Senior Laboratory Assistant of the Department of Zoology of Samarkand State University;
1979 - 1982. - aspirant chair of zoology of vertebrates and comparative anatomy of Moscow State University;
1983 - 1983. - engineer of Samarkand State University;
1983 - 1985. - Assistant of the Department of Zoology of Samarkand State University;
1985 - 1988. - Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Biology of Samarkand State University;
1988 - 1991. - Secretary of the Party Committee of Samarkand State University;
1991 - 1993. - Associate Professor of Zoology, Secretary of the Party Committee of Samarkand State University;
1995 - 2010. - Head of the Department of Zoology of Samarkand State University;
2010 - 2016. - Associate Professor of Zoology of Samarkand State University;
2016 - Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Zoology of Samarkand State University;

On January 22, 1927, the highest pedagogical institute was opened in Samarkand. As part of this higher pedagogical institute in early 1928, an independent department of zoology was organized, the head of which was entrusted to prof. A.M. Zavadsky.
In 1930, the highest pedagogical institute was transformed into the Uzbek State Teaching Academy. 
On January 22, 1933, the Uzbek State Teachers' Academy was transformed into the Uzbek State University.
Prof. A.M.Savadsky was in charge of the department of zoology until 1934. He mainly conducted scientific research on fauna, biology, distribution and practical significance of invertebrates. 
After the departure of prof. A.M.Savadsky, the department was entrusted to prof. B.G. Turkevich. During these years, the department worked doc. M.S.Burnashev, A.T.Tulaganov, S.K.Dal. 
Thus, the Department of zoology was divided into two separate departments and the research work of each of the departments for the study of fauna, biology, ecology and the practical significance of invertebrates and vertebrates in the valley of Zeravshan valley began to be carried out independently.
In 1937-1938 doc S.K.Dal was appointed to the position of head of the department of zoology of vertebrates. In 1934, under his leadership, his brother K.K. Dal and K.K.Povarova  jointly organized the university's zoological museum.
Before the Great Patriotic War, a number of well-known zoologists and several service personnel worked at the Department of Zoology: the doc. S.K.Dal, K.K.Dal, F.A.Turdakov, M.S.Burnashev, D.M.Sagdiev, M.M.Akhmedov, M.V.Kaluzhina, K.K. Povarov, etc.
In different years the head of the department of Zoology of invertebrates worked doc. M.S. Burnashev (1934-1968); prof. A.T. Tulaganov (1952-1958; 1960-1963); prof. M.I. Kosobutsky (1958-1960); prof. T.K. Swajan (1963-1968); ass. C.G. Bronstein (1968-1982); ass. M.M. Ostanova (1983-1987). All these years, the department conducted research on fauna, biology and ecology of insects, especially on the biological method of protecting agricultural plants from pests. 
Under the direction of C.G.Bronstein, a biomethod laboratory was organized. The results of research carried out by employees are widely embedded in the practice of agriculture. The use of biological protection methods of plants was carried out on the scale of the former Union and a number of foreign countries. In the same years, dozens of author's certificates, patents, and biometode licenses were obtained, a number of conferences, symposiums and manuals and books were published.
All these years such experienced teachers as associate professors E.P. Sudareva, E.A.Popova, K.H.Samibayeva, B.M. Gorenstein, ass. N.A. Rakhimerdiyeva, Ph.D. S.M. Haidarov worked at the department, continue to work associate professors N.H. Khakimov, E.N.Abdullayev, F.S. Khalimov, ass. A.B. Khamidova, ass. R.A.Khamzaev, ass. A.A.Ashrapov. They continue the work of their teachers and bring up the love of nature among the younger generation.
In 1987, the Department of Invertebrate zoology was merged with the Department of Vertebrate zoology.
In 1989, on the basis of the Department of Zoology, the Department of Ecology and Biological Protection of Plants was formed, the head of this department was elected Dr.S., prof. B.H. Botirov. This department operated until 1996. After the formation of the Faculty of Soil Science and Ecology, it was transferred to the disposal of the new faculty.
In different years as head of the Department of vertebrate zoology worked prof. B.G. Turkevich (1934-1945, 1948-1950); doc. D.M.Sagdiyev (1945-1948); doc. M.V. Kaluzhina (1950-1962); prof. A.K. Sagitov (1962-1987); doc. L.A. Almatov (1987-1994); doc. A.R. Jabborov (1995-2010), prof. J.L. Lakhanov (2010-2011), dot. Z.P.Rahmanova (2011-2012), dot. F.S. Khalimov (2012-2016), prof. A.R. Jabborov (from 2016 to the present).
In the post-war years on the department worked fruitfully dot. I.A. Abdusalamov (now Akad. AN of the Republic of Tajikistan) doc. Mamatkulov, S.Nazhmiyev, A.Haidarov, M.M.Akhmedov, A.K.Zakirov, M.V.Kaluzhina, M.V. Rakhmonova, K.I.Kalinina, ass. V.E.Yazinina, E.M.Levitskaya, G.I. Girenko, I.. M.Ananyeva, E.N.Ananyev, etc.
Since 1960, associate professors E. V. Kiseleva, J.L. Lahanov, B. Kh. Botirov, L. A. Almatov, ass. T.P. Serdyuk and others have been passing on their knowledge and experience at the Department of Vertebrate Zoology to students.
Since 1980-90, the Department worked and work associate professors S. E. Fundukchiev, Professor A. R. Jabborov, associate professors N.A.Allanazarova, acc. D. H. Atakhodjaeva, associate professors Z.P. Rakhmonova, acc. A.U. Mamashakirov.
Senior laboratory assistants D. Kruglov, N. Allanazarova, A. Asanov, F. Ulugov, Z. Akhunov, A. Pirnazarov, A. Yuldasheva, A. Mamashukurov, and B. Mukhammadiev worked at the Zoological Museum at the Department in different years.
Head of the Department A. R. Jabborov defended his doctoral thesis in 2016. In 2001, senior laboratory assistant L.E. Belyalova and in 2002 ass. Z.P. Rakhmanova defended their PhD theses and received approval.
In recent years, the Department has been joined by ass. A.B. Khamidova, ass. N.A. Ruzikulova, ass. R.A. Khamzaev, ass. U.N. Mirzaev, ass. S.B. Narzullaev, ass. A.A. Ashrapov, ass. M.R. Rakhimov, associate professors A.R. Botirov, associate professors J.A.Kudratov, prof. A. Pazilov, ass. N. Khasanov.
Professor of the Department. A. K. Sagitov one of the authors of “Red data book of Uzbekistan”, and executive editor of 4-volume monography “Birds of Uzbekistan”, doc. S.E. Fundukchiev one of the authors II-volume monography “Birds of Uzbekistan”.
Head of the Department, prof. A.R. Jabborov, owner of the author's certificate and patent "Device for repelling birds“, and in 1996-2008, he was the scientific Director of the Grant on the topic:”The role of the Zoological Museum in the study of ecology and conservation of the gene pool of rare and endangered animals of Uzbekistan". Since 2008, the Zoological Museum has been funded as a "Unique object".
The Department has a unique entomological collection, which includes 100,000 specimens of insect exhibits related to 10,000 species of insects.
The osteological collection of fossil bone remains of animals of the Quaternary period collected by prof. B.Kh. Batyrov is highly appreciated by paleozoologists of the CIS countries.
Employees of the Department conduct scientific-research work together with the staff of the Institute of Zoology of Uzbek Academy of Sciences, with the departments of Zoology in many universities of the CIS countries and the University of Vermont, USA.
The Department conducts classes in the areas of Bachelor's degree - 5140100-Biology (in areas); 5110400-Biology and master's degree in 5A140101 – biology, 5A140108-Zoology, 5A140103-Ichthyology and Hydrobiology, as well as the Department operates a doctoral program (PhD) in the specialty 03.00.06-Zoology.
In 2013-2015, the Department carried out economic agreements on the topic: "Creation of the directory of the Zoological Museum of SamSU", funded by the Department of State biocontrol of the Committee for nature protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as in 2013-2017 by order of the Samarkand branch of the Committee for nature protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the topic: "Maintaining the cadastre of flora and fauna of the Samarkand region".
In recent years, the Department has developed international relations with departments of foreign universities, such as the Novosibirsk Research Institute of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg State University.
Foreign training. Assistant of the Department M. R. Rakhimov twice completed an internship at the Novosibirsk research Institute of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
In recent years, teachers of the Department have published about 10 scientific articles in the journals of the SCOPUS platform, about 20 articles in the VAK journals, textbooks and manuals are published.

Curricula of subjects taught at the Department
•    Invertebrate zoology
•    Human anatomy
•    Vertebrate zoology
•    Histology
•    Biology of individual development
•    Modern problems of biology
•    Methods of teaching biology
•    Methods of study of Zoology
•    Biological methods of plant protection
•    Principles of biology (Zoology)
•    Ecology
•    Zoology