Address: 140104, University blv. 15, Samarkand сity, Samarkand region, Uzbekistan

Ajabov Abdurazzoq Qayumovich

"Scientific-Research Center for Astronomy" - SRCA

For the purpose of further development of science and education, for the purpose of fundamental and applied researches in the field of astronomy in Samarkand region and preparation of highly qualified specialists, the Institute of Astronomy of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Samarkand State University (2004), according to the decision No. 50 of Samarkand State Unitary Enterprise dated March 29, 2004, was established the Samarkand Regional Scientific-Research Center of Astronomy (SRCA) at SamSU.

SRCA has a Grubb-Parsons telescope with a 48m optical lens mirror, a telescope equipped with a modern PZS camera, capable of capturing the highest objects in the universe.

There is a team of observers formed on the basis of 3 state unions. Bachelors and masters of the astronomy direction of the Physics Faculty of the Samarkand State University conduct their dissertations on various subjects at the SRCA.

According to the “International Blazer Telescope for Years'” program, observation works are still underway in the Maidanak High-Volcano Observatory. The BL-Lac objects are still being monitored at 280 Mpk.

In 2007, the AIM staff discovered and replaced a double-change star, GSC 2007: 761, with a 6.5 hour rotation. (This was determined by the difference of the star's brightness difference d = 0.05 stars). Also, in 2007-2011, a fundamental grant project on the study of changes in the brightness of blazer objects was successfully completed at this center. Currently, a funded grant project on the study of the variability of astrophysical objects in VA-FA-F2-006 Samarkand and Maydanak observatories for 2017-2020 is underway.

SRCA is functioning as an educational observatory now.