Samarkand state university was founded in 1420

Head of department

Davronov Kamoliddin

  • Qabul vaqti: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (13:00 - 17:00)
  • Telefon: +99866-239-15-83
  • Elektron pochta:

The independent future of the Republic depends on the preparation of highly qualified and spiritual potential among the youth.
 The main task of the department of spiritual and educational work with gifted students is to convey to youth all those goals and objectives in the spiritual and moral education of the youth, which the president sets before us.
The department of spiritual and educational work with gifted students coordinates and organizes events held at the university in order to educate students in the spirit of immeasurable loyalty to the ideas of national independence, love for the homeland, courage and selflessness, the creation of a free and prosperous country, faith in a great and noble goal.
The main activities of the department:
- ensuring the timely delivery of decrees by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education on spiritual and moral issues to the faculty of the university and ensuring their timely implementation.
Organization of dissemination and explanation of the decisions and decisions of the government and the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan to students.
-coordination and control of public activities and work of the deans of the faculty in the sphere of spiritual and educational work.
-Production of spiritual and educational training in a student hostel
-Conflication of spiritual and enlightening life and its coverage in the information-resource center
-Creation of conditions for high-level "Information Hour"
- activities to improve the work of the supervisory board of curators
- Close cooperation with Kamolot, Women's Council and all public organizations.
-Provide the participation of students and the public of the University in public events, passing regions and cities of the republic....
- determination of the level of knowledge of a foreign language and computer among university students through interviews and interviews. Selection and determination by means of psychological tests of the intellectual capacity of gifted students
-Organization of additional classes for gifted students, providing them with methodological assistance.
-Organization and control of participation in contests of gifted students.
- Conducting examinations among gifted students for the selection of candidates for Presidential or other nominal state scholarships.