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The great scientist, public figure of Japan Daysuku Ikedy’s photo exhibition


There was held an opening ceremony of the great scientist, public figure of Japan Daysuku Ikedy’s creativity examples photo exhibition at Biology and Chemistry faculty. 
There were given an interesting facts about the author’s scientific pedagogical creativity examples where his travelling all over the world, harmonic connection between person and nature, the peculiarities of peacefulness and humanity. There are being shown over 60 works of the philosopher during the exhibition. 
The dean of Biology and Chemistry faculty Kh. Keldiyorov, the head of international relations department M. Nosirov, the head of the spirituality and enlightenment department K. Davronov, the professors and teachers of the university took part at the opening ceremony.
The photo exhibition will last till January 19, 2018. We invite there all the professors, teachers and the students!

Spirituality and Enlightenment department