Contest Competition


In 2018-2019 academic years at the Faculty of Biology of Samarkand State University the intellectual game "Zakovat" initiated by the "Youth Union" was held on the basis of socio-political, legal, spiritual and educational subjects of the students and from September 20 to September 24 for the purpose of checking their literacy. Intellectual game "Zakovat" was opened by Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Biological Sciences Y.Suziev. In this interesting and controversial game, students used the opportunities provided effectively by our state once again. At the end of the match "Zakovat" the team "Zukko yoshlar" won the game consisting of Omanova Madina, Sherov Ravshan, Rahmonov Behruz, Isoqulov Nurbek, Yusupova Madina and Shodiyeva Amina. The winners were awarded with honorary medals and memorable gifts. We wish Good Luck to their future work.