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The winners of the XVIII-th summer asian games were awarded


There was held an awarding ceremony of the university students at the Faculty of Physical Culture who participated in the XVIII Asian Games in Indonesia, held from August 18 to September 2 this year.

The rector of the SamSU, prof. R. Halmuradov who spoke at the event, said that the current Asian Games are of historic significance for the country - the Uzbek wrestling was included in the main competitions of this sporting event since the Asian Games.

The members of Uzbekistan's sports delegation won 21 gold, 24 silver and 25 bronze medals, totaling 70 medals at the XVIII-th Summer Asian Games. Fortunately, 10 of our university students made a worthwhile contribution to achieving these results. In particular, the 1st year Master’s student Shorurodov Sarvar Elbek’s son won the 3rd place and became a bronze medalist on the type of wrestling. 2nd year student Najiyev Shohjahon Zayniddin’s son took the second place on academic rowing and became a silver medalist. The 3rd year student Rakhimov Otamurod Azamat’s son took the second place on academic rowing and became a silver medalist. The third-year student Muhammadov Abdullo Mahmarayim’s son, the 3rd year student Davronov Uktam Davron’s son, the 3rd year student Astanov Farrukh Yashin’s son on academic rowing, 3rd year student Mirzaeva Yodgora Tulkin's daughter on Boxing, the 2nd year student Kirpichev Ramil Aleksandrovich, the 3rd year student Bukanov Abubakir Musurmonkulovich, the 3rd year student Ziyaeva Gulnoza Mavlonkulovna participated in the XVIII-th Summer Asian Games on judo.

Our students were awarded with valuable prizes at the end of the event.

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