University nominated "Princess of Spring"


At the initiative of the Union of Youth of Samarkand State University, the Women's Committee and on the initiative of the Faculty of Philology, a contest called “Princess of spring” among the students of the Faculty of Philology. The competition was attended by 12 active student girls in four areas. Also, the active and talented students were awarded certificates by the dean of the faculty. According to the results of the competition, Mamadiyorova Sayora took third place, Toshboeva Shahnoza second place, Akhmedova Mutabar first place and finally the highest award to the nomination “Princess of Spring” received Normatova Maftuna. Also, the participants were awarded the nominations “the smartest girl”, “the cleanest girl”, “the healthiest girl” and others. The event was attended by the deputy hokim, chairman of the women's committee of the region Alimova Gavkhar Zairovna, and she personally handed students valuable gifts.