At the university, the group "Careful Girls" was identified


On the initiative of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan Samarkand State University, the Samarkand Regional Council of the Women's Committee of Uzbekistan, the Women's Committee of the University and the Faculty of Pedagogy were held a competition of students "Fascinating girls-2019".

The teams of "O'zbegimqizlari", "O'zbegim malaklari", "Ziyokor" and "Orasta qizlar" consisting of 5 girls competed on 5 conditions.

The third place was taken by the team "O'zbegimmalaklari", the team "Orasta qizlar" (2nd place), "Ziyokor" (1st place) and "O'zbegim qizlari" ("O'zbegim qizlari").

The guests of the present contests were welcomed by Samarkand Region Deputy Governor, Gavkhar Alimova Zairovna, Regional Director of Women's Committee and diploma of the university. The event was attended by Hilola Rasulova of Samarkand, who was awarded the State Prize "Zulfiya" Madina Qanoatova participated in the event.

Also, the most active, clever, young men and women studying at this faculty were awarded with honorary titles from the Samarkand State University Primary School of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan.