Visit of professors from the University of Poitiers


Professors of the University of Poitiers of France Patrice Naudine, Licia Baguini and Corinne Delbart visited the State University of Samarkand from December 11 to 14, 2019 as part of the ERASMUS + program. The guests were welcomed at the international relations department of the State University of Samarkand. During the open conversation, the vice-rector for international cooperation of MGNasirov University informed foreigners of the history, present and future of Samarkand State University, of the priority tasks faculty, science, education, innovation and training. Special attention was given to strengthening cooperation with leading universities abroad, in particular with respected French universities, in the training of highly qualified specialists.

On the first day of the visit, the guests met students from the Faculty of International Educational Programs at the University and gave a presentation on the latest technologies.

He also met teachers from the Department of Romano-Germanic languages. Licia Baguini and Corinne Delbart made presentations on the use of new teaching technologies in the teaching of French and the professional development opportunities of teachers in the department abroad.

In addition, the faculty of the University of Poitiers in France participated in an international conference organized by the University on "The problems of desertification: dynamics, evaluation and solution" as guest of honor. Patrice Naudin spoke and said about the prospects for cooperation between the two universities.

During the visit, Patrice Naudin made a presentation on the ERASMUS + program for all the faculties of the University. Participants learned a lot about participating in this program.


In accordance with our old values, the guests were invited to a cup of tea. The table was filled with national dishes. Guests made a good impression on Uzbekistan and Samarkand State University

ext-indent:35.4pt;line-height:normal'>Кроме того, профессор французского университета Пуатье принял участие в международной конференции, организованной университетом на тему «Проблемы опустынивания: динамика, оценка и решение» в качестве почетного гостя. перспективы сотрудничества между двумя университетами.

В ходе визита Патрис Наудин выступил с докладом о программе ERASMUS + для всех преподавателей университета. Участники узнали много нового об участии в этой программе.

В соответствии с нашими древними ценностями, гостей пригласили на чашку чая. Ужин был подан с национальными блюдами. Гости произвели большое впечатление на Узбекистан и Самаркандский государственный университет.