Samarkand State University: football and basketball competitions were held among the youth of the neighborhood


Samarkand State University has 10 mahallas in Samarkand, where professors and teachers of the Faculty of Physical Culture of SamSU are responsible for sports and health.

 To date, Samarkand State University has hosted competitions in checkers and chess among the city's mahallas.  Today was a mini football and basketball tournament.

 The competition was attended by young people from Khoja Ahrori Vali, Chakar, Namazgoh, Bogisaray, Chashma, Yangikurgan, Temiryolchilar, Baraka, Baghbonlar, Oqsaroy mahallas.  The tournament was full of contradictions and high spirits.

 According to the results of the sport of mini-football:
 - 1st place in Khoja Ahror Vali mahalla;
 - 2nd place in Yangikurgan mahalla;
 - Chakar mahallas took the 3rd place.

 Namazgoh mahalla 1st place;
 Oqsaroy mahalla 2nd place;
 Chashma mahalla took the 3rd place.

 Bahodir Kipchakov, Dean of the Faculty of Physical Culture of Samarkand State University:
 "Today we held a mini-football and basketball tournament for the youth of the neighborhood."  It was organized last week in checkers and chess.  In general, the diligence and interest in sports is growing among the youth of the neighborhood.  Next week we are planning a big table tennis tournament with our youth.

 SamSU Information Service Officer
 Photos by Shavkat AKRAMOV