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On the activity of the faculty of physics

The specialists of physics have been training since the foundation of the Samarkand Higher pedagogical Institute. First “General physics” chair, then “Optics and theoretical physics” chairs have been founded. New physical faculty has been founded in Samarkand State University since 28 of August in 1961. New era in physical scientific researches and training of physical specialists began from that day. 

Scientific and educational basis had been strengthened, educational and scientific laboratory created.

Nowadays 10 doctorates, professors, 44 PhD, docents, 4 teachers, assistants, all of them 56 professors and teachers are working. The medium age of the teachers of the faculty is 56 and their scientific ability is 93.1%

On the purpose of using new pedagogical technologies in the educational process 3 computer classes and special classes are organized and all computers are connected in the “Internet”. Dean offices and chairs are supplied with modern computers it was created electron variant of the following subjects, manuals, electron manuals.Each professor- teacher has his own electron e-mail.  

It is constantly held international and republican conferences, seminars. In 2011-2012 academic year 563 students graduated from the university, among them 414 of them are from physical direction, 91 of them are from astronomical direction, from the direction of professional education 58 of them from the field of electronics and microelectronics, among them 63 masters (34 of them are first year student and 29 of them are second year student). In 2011-2012 academic year 116 students of bachelors and 29 masters  graduated from the university.

Following master specialists are trained in the chairs of the faculty: physics (according to the directions), astrophysics and radio astronomy, astronomy, atomic nuclear and physics of fundamental particles, theoretical physics, laser physics and thermal physics and molecular physics.

Nowadays there are 8 scientific researchers, 2 senior scientific researchers are working. 3 of the scientific worker of the faculty are going to defend his dissertation work.

Scientific researching field of the faculty of physics

 The chair of General and magnetic phenomenon of the physics “2/7 d.k.r. 01860103966 in the theme of:

Sparse and metal alloy of the transient element and checking of their electro magnetic characteristics of intermetallic combinations in solid liquid state;

Astrophysical chair in the theme of “the research of the time variation of the intensity of the cosmic rays”;

Atomic and atomic nuclear chair “experimental and theoretical research of the atomic nuclear”;

- the chair of the optics and spectroscopy  “researches of the multidimensional aggregation of low-molecular alcohol and disintegration of this aggregation in destruction of this liquids and suitable dissolvent” and “the research of the spectroscopic influence of some animal proteins in the skvarian paints.”

- the chair of quantum electronics and theoretical physics “interrelations of substances with the laser rays around the critic point of phase (substances which have nonlinear)

- the physics of solid substances “the experimental and theoretical research of the influence of the quantum size effects and the dielectric, galvonomagnetic elastic, thermomagnetic, photoelectric, electro physiccharacteristics of solid substances and to analyze the creation of new instruments”.

The activity in the field of educational- methodical of the physical faculty

It was created 2 manuals, 87 methodical manuals, 20 educational manuals, 60 text lectures, 2 monographs, 28 electron manuals and 46 educational- methodical text lectures by the professors and teachers of the last 3 years.

The achievements of professor teachers, students of physical faculty up today

14 doctor of science, 38 candidate of science were trained in the chair of «Optics and spectroscopy». Academician A.K.Otakhujaev was awarded with the following state awards“Man of science served in Uzbekistan” “Excellent man of national education”“Excellent man of high education” “Beruni”

Osmanov Bari whose supervisor is Prof. A.Jumaboev was awarded with State scholarship of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Fattoev Farrukh was awarded with State scholarship after Beruni, Ubaydullaeva Zebo with the University scholarship after academician A.K.Atakhujaev. Nowadays Fattoev Farrukh is the doctorate of the University Florida in the USA. Meliev Orif was awarded with the University scholarship after academician A.K.Otakhujaev. Meliev Orif got the third place of the Republican сcompetition among the students in the physical direction in 2007, in 2011 Majidov Khusan got the second place (supervisor A.A.Yakubov).

“General physics and magnetism”chair trained 2 doctors of science, 10 candidates of science. The Professor of the chair KuvondikovOblokulKuvondikovich was elected as the reporter member of the International Academy of Pedagogical Sciences. The members of the chair Professors and teachers O.K.Kuvondikov, dos. X.O.Shakarov, N.S.Xamraev, dos. R.Rajabov, dos. M.Saloxitdinova, dos Z.Shodiev, A.Eshkulov, B.Amonov were the winners of the of the international grant “INTAS” for two times.

Sherali Jonikulov got the second place whose supervisor is O.K.Kuvondikov in students’ Republican competition which was held on the end of May in 2009.

The chair “Theoretical physics and quantum electronics” trained 2 doctors of science and 8 candidates of science. Prof. L.M.Sabirov was awarded with the State award Beruni, as well as he is the winner of the grant of the Republic of Uzbekistan and other foreign countries. Prof. N.B.Eshkobilov is working in the field of national economy. P.V.Redkin with his supervisor was awarded with the state scholarship of the Republic of Uzbekistan.Meliev Orif got the third place in the students’ Republican competition with the supervisor Prof N.B.Eshkobilov.

 The chair “The physics of solid substances” trained 2 doctors of science and 10 candidates of science. The docent of the chair E.U.Arzikulov was the winner of the grant of “Intas” and “Nato” for two times in 1998 and 2002. As well as he was the winner of the grant of the Republic of Uzbekistan “Iste’dod” in 1999 and 2004, he was the winner of grant named “CRDF” in the USA  in 2003.

The chair “Astrophysics” trained 1 doctor of science and candidate of science.

Prof. R.M. Ibadov from the chair of “The atomic and the physics of nuclear” got the grant of Volsvagenstiftunggrantiva Hungary FA, DAAD in Germany, London Networkgrant in Italy and the grant of the republic of Uzbekistan “Iste’dod”.

According to the specialty the chair trains 40 candidates of sciences, 7 doctors of sciences. T. M. Muminov is the academician of UzRFA. T. M. Muminov and A.B.Xolikulov were the laureates of the state award of the Republic of Uzbekistan after Beruni.

Docent Sh.Kh.Khushmurodov was the winner of the grant of “CRDF” in the USA in 2011, “Close nuclear Center program” in England, “The agent of the usage of the international Atom energy” (MAGATE) and the winner of the grants of technics and science organization in Uzbekistan, from 2008-2011 he studied in the teacher’s training course in the direction of Magate in Vena, Austria, in Karsruya in Germany, in Zagreb, Croatia, in Ankara, Turkey. He has been the international expert of the department of the technical cooperation in the direction in Europe. He was the winner of the State grant of the Republic of Uzbekistan “Iste’dod”. Nasriev Aziz was the winner of the scholarship with his supervisor after the name of A.K.Otakhujaev.

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