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Faculty of History

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Since long periods being the centre of since the establishing of the University in Samarkand was a great and important event in the cultural - social life of Uzbekistan. The faculty of History has being functioning since the year of 1927.

The faculty of History had a developing and improving period for more than 80 years. It had a lot of difficulties at first. The number of students was not enough those days, that's why a Preparatory courses were opened at the faculty, the works of explanation were organized among the youth and population and especially among girls and women. Consequent by the number of the students in creased nowadays 449 students, 55 master's study at the faculty. 46 teachers teach them: Among them 3 doctors of since, professors, 14 candidates of since, docents, 5 senior teachers and 24 assistants. Potential of the faculty comprises 71 %. There are Magistracy specialties in History and archeology educational  directions, History of Motherland, general History, Historiography, chronology and methods of historical  investigations, museum: conversation, keeping esthetic resources at the faculty.           

There are 4 chairs at the faculty: History of Uzbekistan, Archeology, Ancient World history and Ethnography, General History,  Chronology and Historiography.

Nowadays on the initiative of the Dean of the faculty D.H.S., professor Sh. S. Gaffarov with the purpose of usage Pedagogical Technologies special computerized classrooms are organized at the faculty. All the computers at the faculty are connected to the "international system Internet''. Every professor - teachers has got his own E-mail.

For the last 10 years with the help of sponsors the faculty has been renovated . All chairs, Dean's office, classes, auditoriums, archeological museum is equipped with modern furniture.

Subjects in all directions are provided with text-books, E-books, educational literature and  lecture texts. International and Republican Conferences are held annually.

For the last 5 years 33 monographs, 5 text-books, more than 30 educational  methodological manuals.

Training sessions in order to improve the quality of training sessions at the faculty accordance with the standards of training plans were created.

At present, there is a responsible task before the faculty team. The main "National Training Program" to the full implementation of the Faculty of material and technical base of information, training and educational process to provide high quality of educational materials and advanced educational technology, academic lyceums, textbooks for vocational colleges, manuals, and textbooks are being prepared. This, in turn, provides an opportunity to further increase the efficiency of the education.

The faculty team teaching, scientific and educational activities, as well as at the University, the city, the region, actively participating in various events held throughout the country. They stimulate public-political work among the population, the government's explanation of the decisions made by the permanent work. The region schools, museums, libraries, archives and other cultural and educational institutions often hold business conferences and seminars to strengthen cooperation between them. In particular, the dean of the faculty Sh.S.Gafforov 2004 years of the deputies of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the chairman of the 47-Registan district  commission election, in 2007 year 8-election of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in Samarkand a member of the district election commission, in 2009 election of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan has served as chairman of the 50-Registan district election commission.

Scientists of History faculty in cooperation with the world's leading research centers have been Including the history of France's Sorbonne university, the department, the Department of Archaeology of Bologna, Italy, France, the Sorbonne, Moscow State University, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk University, Department of History University of Warsaw, and ethnography of the US Department of Indiana University, Moscow and Ashgabat to collaborate with universities and research centers. The results of the cooperation of articles published abroad, international symposium are reflected in the reports. In particular, Professor Sh.S.Gafforov, Professor I.M.Saidov participated in an international conference at the University of Indiana in the United States carry out their scientific cooperation. Professor N.A.Avanesova arranged cooperation in touch with the French Sorbonne University, O.Ergashev investigates with Polish scientists in the Kyzyl-Kum steps of Kukayaz swamp.

Archaeological museum of the faculty has been operating since 1965. Museum Mustiye period (AD 90-70 thousand years ago) from  13 age period of great historical and artistic value, not only in the country but also in the Central Asian region is important for the history of archaeological collections. Museum with a variety of methods (lectures, practical classes, courses and graduate studies),the national self-consciousness, trying to take an active part in the conservation of cultural heritage. Part of life in ancient grasslands of the past to the present and will have a great influence on him.

The latest news is that one of the objectives of the museum. It is only the material culture monuments storage will not be enough.

Museum Foundation materials are paid attention not only in Central Asia, but also in the border region and abroad ancient history lovers.  Scientists from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Alma Ata, Bishkek, Harvard and Central Asia Research Centre in Paris visited to study the museum collections and materials.

Educational and laboratory sessions are leading to the exterior of the museum. At the museum, "archeology, ethnography, ancient history," club materials processing students are taking part in this ground be based on scientific observations of their courses and diploma.

Every year, 1-year students of history and historical settlements train in the province of Sazagon, Tepakul and other historical and archaeological sites in expedition. Excavation works themselves, the historical objects of the faculty "Archeological Museum" submitted as exhibits.

Implementation of the education system, science achievements on a regular basis in order to arrive at the history of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the expansion of ties between the Faculty of Oriental Studies Institute of Archaeology of history and has signed agreements for development

Professors N.Shirinov, M.J.Jurakulov, I.M.Saidov, K.K. Nuriddinov, Sh.S.Gafforov who are activating at the faculty are the members of specialized Council of doctorate and candidate dissertation.

History faculty about the law of education of the republic of Uzbekistan noticed the aim task and on the base of National program of staff training, to provide the execution of special educational system of the republic and region special educational system of the republic and region of special educational system methodical and practical supports in the following directions:

-By the faculty of scholars around the 25 software products are given to Republic lyceum and colleges on the basis of a contract to use.

-With the help of faculty the teachers' of Samarkand's lyceums, colleges and schools published 3 books and educational aids

-Around the 16 professor-teachers and 30undergraduates work at the lyceum and colleges. Graduates of faculty: 139 bachelors and 20 undergraduates, provided with jobs at lyceum and colleges. This process lasts till nowadays.

-The library of faculty filial has been established at 1st and 2nd academic lyceums. Around the 1200 books are given to lyceum 1 and more than 700 books are given to lyceum 2. Assigned to the faculty, teachers and student of all academic lyceums and colleges can be member of library or fund and can use Internet without limits.

-At the lyceums and colleges branches of faculty are active now. Also, 3 people included in the scientific council and operate in academic lyceums and colleges.

With the help of sponsors and guardians hostels of students were repaired. There is given all conditions for students who live there. They can do internal and external sports,  also they can do all sports in a rest area. The treatments with all conditions are given to young people. Also, to increase students' interest to sport, support young sportsmen and promote students in the university there was established "Kamolot" initiative of the youth movement and Football cup. Chess, checkers, football and mini football competitions are regularly conducted. At the same time, there were created student's National anthem, teaching foreign languages and spirituality clubs. All faculty meetings and conferences held every year, traditional "Zulfiya qizlari" and "Talabalar bahori" competitions can held without taking parts jury, students can do it by themselves. By the administration of faculty together with sponsoring organization,  they promote students who need social protection,  who need money and law income students. In 2006 500000 soums,  in 2007 600000 soums, in 2008 2 milliion soums, in 2009 2,8 million thousand soums, in 2010 3 million soums were given who needs help. Independence, independence government demand on the level of higher education has challenges is the focus of the faculty team. There is no doubt, that this is  noble and honorable task team will work hard to implement, and to create new history the development of higher education in the country of the people, Uzbekistan people will work together.

The work of the  talented students of  the Faculty of History

Samarkand State University faculty of development in the history, history- philosophy, there is a special place, where talented students take unique role.

The role of activity youth took unlimited part in the years of Independence, state became more judged because of their work. That's why among the Republic's higher education institutes Samarkand State University the faculty of history philosophy students' are characterized by their knowledge. To achieve these results and take deep knowledges there is a big role of teachers like: M. Jurakulov,  Sh. Gafforov,  I. Saidov, New.  Kholmatov,  R. Kholikulov, N. Avanesova, A. Malikov,  B. Ergashov. The students of faculty took parts in a Republic education Olympics and took prizes 4 time over the 5 years,  this shows how they respect knowledge. In 2006 Mattiyev Utkir took 1st place, in 2007 Togayev Ganisher took 1st place,  in 2008 Mirubaydov Nasimjon took 2nd place,  in 2009 Togayev Ganisher took 1st place. Mattiyev Utkir works at the 1st lyceum now. Narmonov Feruz research on the candidate department history of Uzbekistan.  We can note that Mirubaydov Nasimjon and Togayev Ganisher are take state's fellowship for outstanding students.  In 2005 Khamrakulova Shokhista was prizewinner of President's fellowship in magistrate. Khamrakulova Shokhista graduated from the department of dissertation and passed the discussion of department. In 2010-2011 Ismailov Dilshod student of 4th course was prizewinner of Alisher Navoiy's state fellowship. Nowadays 23 of his articles was published. Also we can note that in 2010 University named Yahyo Gulomov's scholarship was awarded by Normuradov Anvar, in 2010-2011 Habibullayev Olim was awarded too. 4 departments of faculty are regularly carried scientific circles. The department of history of Uzbekistan carries scientific circle "Moziydan sado". The members of the group do scientific lectures Uzbekistan at different times and these scientific collections publish every year.

We can say that students of history faculty have deep knowledge because of scientific research, they learn our motherland history seriously and hard. Their performances and scientific lectures were recognized by historians of Republic.

Thus, we hope that the role of learning ancient history will be brighter.

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