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Grants and projects

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Projects implementing on State programm at Samarkand state university

 1.Landscape geographical basis of fighting against the desertification in Uzbekistan.

 2. Development of cultivation agrotechnology of buckwheat in the condition of sierozem soils in Samarkand region and its implementation in practice.

 3. Studying the population structure of medicinal species of genus Lagochilus (Lamiaceae) in Nurata and its adjacent territories.

 4. Compilation of recreational, tourist and ecological maps of Zarafshan Valley.

 5. Development of new fluorescent probes based on natural food dyes and vitamins for medicine and biology.

 6. Development of the acoustic method of nondestructive testing of constructional materials of nuclear reactors.

 7. Development and embedding of methods for the control of radiation safety of drinking water.

 8. Evaluation of potential radon-hazardousness of mass construction sites at rural areas of Uzbekistan.

 9. Three-phase inverter for asynchronous motors.

 10. Investigation of mechanisms of resonant generation of high harmonics of laser radiation.

 11. Structure and binding energy of molecular units (nanoklasters), experiments and calculations.

 12. Laser ionization spectroscopy of the atoms of heavy  elements.

 13. Development of techniques of characterization of nanoparticles and nanostructures in the borat glasses of the transitional metals alloyed by oxides.

 14. Development of new methods for research of system of the nonlinear algebraic and differential equations, the oscillator integrals and their application.

 15.  Spectral analysis of the Hamiltonians of systems with non-conserved number of particles on lattice.

 16. Expansions for eigenvalues an resonances of the discrete Schroedinger operator and Friedrichs model.

 17. Hydrodynamical problems of filtering and filtration of non-homogeneous liquids in porous media.

 18. Development of computing methodology and effective technologies of aced treatment on bottomhole zones of oil and gas reservoirs with fractured-porous carbonate collectors.

 19. Research of theoretical bases of use nitrogen and phosphorus containing substances in quality retardants of burning of inflammable materials.

 20. Тheoretical bases and application of voltammetry method for determination total antioxidant activity in natural and synthetic biopreparats.

 21. Рreparation “smart” nanohybrid (inorganic-organic) materials with sol-gel technology and application in chemical sensors.

 22.  Studying the landscape ecology and mechanisms of genetic variability of habit-forming woody C3/С4 species associated microphytocoenosis in salt affected deserts of South-West Uzbekistan.

23. Studying the biodiversity and origin of tugay vegetation of Uzbekistan.

International scientific and technical joint grants 

1.«530666-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-LT-TEMPUS-UZWATER: Master  program  in environmental  science  and sustainable  development  with  focus  on water  management  for Uzbekistan  higher  education”.

2.«516682-TEMPUS-1-2011-1-SE-TEMPUS-JPGR – ISMU: Institute of strategic management of Universities

3.544126-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-ES-TEMPUS-UNIWORK: «Strengthening Career Centres in Central Asia Higher Education Institutions to empower graduates in obtaining and creating quality employment»

4.ТЕМПУС: ERASMUS MUNDUS project,  CASIA, SIKLOUTE program:  “International Academic Exchange of Central Asian students”


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