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Natural sciences

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Natural Sciences

Statistic information about the activity of faculty

There are 3 departments:




At the department of biology: professor-teachers stuff-58, students-542, masters-42, postgraduates-7, doctorates-2, researchers-155, defense of research-2 (2011).

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Jabborov A

Ecology and use of nature





Physiology , genetic and biochemistry


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 One research work was defended and confirmed this year. Theme:”The bioecological  peculiarities on different conditions of introduced Cynara scolymus  in Samarkand region.”

The member of the chair Bozorov B.M continued his research work  ”The physiological basis in productivity of breeder astrakhan sheep of inconvenient factors” as doctorate-researcher. During the year docent  Bozorov B.M became the author of the 7 republic International and 2 methodological manuals.

The assistant of the chair Ismailova S.N handed in her research work to the chair specified council under the Biochemistry  Institute and research in her documents to the specified council  under the physiology and biophysics to pass her seminar

In 2011 researcher Karimqulov A.  from ecology and environmental security department defended his research work .

One post-graduate was redistricted in the chair of “botany and plant physiology” (Z.Ismailova,3rd course) and trainer-research is continuous his work according to the schedule (X. Jalov) . One research work was defended and confirmed in the chair of “Botany and plants physiology”.

Theme:”Bioecological peculiarities of different conditions of introducted  Cynara scolymus L in Samarkand region. There are two trainer-researchers in the department of plants physiology.

1. Muminov Mahmud "Seasonable dynamics, phytomass chlophil vegetation index of valley in Uzbekistan". Research leader Professor Nosirov M.G

2. Avutxonov Dina Sobirovich "Columbus seed (Sorgumalmum Parody) introduksiya the conditions of the growth, development and biochemical characteristics."Research director at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic "Botanika" scientific and production center leading researcher, associate professor of biological sciences, Professor Safarov, K.S.

This research has been completed delays the end of the experimental analysis of the thesis and preparing a defense.

Department of Zoology, a graduate J.A.Qudratov "The Nurata mountain ridges clams taxonomic composition, the environment, the importance of business and the formation of" fulfilling his PhD dissertation on the subject.

Professor A.R.Jabborov "Biodamage caused by birds, their theoretical and practical aspects of his doctoral thesis titled" assistant A.O.Mamashukurov "Ferghana Valley, some of the media ecology of the birds, etymology and the role of bioengineering" prepared his thesis.

Physiology, genetics and biochemistry graduate student of the Department of Ahrorova Durdona "the effect of the sexual glands extracts of tobacco" has been working on his PhD dissertation on the topic. The department will be the first step in the introduction of student Normurodova M. Affairs in November 2011, gave the candidate of philosophy minimum. During the year, 100 acquainted with the scientific literature published in scientific articles and 2 handed over to continue.

Ecology and environmental protection 3-year graduate student in the Department of Eshkobilov Shukhrat the leadership of Professor Sh.T.Kholikulov. Professor M.K.Abdurakhimov doctoral thesis Faculty held a joint meeting of the Coordinating Council and Professor Q.D.Ochilov and teachers N.Kholmonov doctor's assistant working on dissertation and O.Niyozova completed his PhD dissertation delays.

 During the early years of the university as a natural and mathematical biology department faculty. Independent Faculty of Biology was established in 1993. Its Central Asian scientists to carry out research work on the flora and fauna along with their contribution to the preparation of highly qualified personnel. Faculty of Biology 542 students on the same day.

59 qualified teachers to teach the students, including 6 doctors, 35 professors and assistants, and 5 master's degree. The faculty has its own research department, which has 4 schools;

Department of Zoology, physiology, genetics and biochemistry department, the department of botany and ecology Plants culture.

At their graduate and postgraduate work. Talented students to carry out further scientific research works in all conditions.

SSU is located in the Botanical Garden Khishrav a total area of 27 teachers, and 66 more than 270 species belonging to the family of cultural and wild plants grow. Here introduction tree made of paper, soap, wood, ivory, coconut tree Manji, Lipan, oak, cedar of Lebanon, bush similar plants, resin, roses and many different Annual are grown. Botanical Garden, the future of the region, but also in Central Asia, the Republic of the unique ecological environment, Terrestrial factors, the preservation of rare and endangered plants, does not have to increase them; you want a natural science center. In addition, the streets of the town with the university, the epicenter of the plants grown in the garden planting of seedlings delays, the regional districts of trees, flowers to give trespassing.

Department of Biology, has been working at the university since its inception. During the last years the faculty has increased the efficiency of educational, scientific-research works. This increases N.Merkulovich, K.Zokirov, J.Saidov, R Ibodullin, A.Tulaganov J.Kobulov Ye.Proskoryakov, P.Soldatov, S.Bronshteyn, S.Abayeva, G.Danov, B. Hamrokulov, N.Amirxanov, M.Rish such eminent scientists as A.Sagitov role.

At the department of biology thousands of higher educated biologists have been trained since its establishment. Among them more than 320 candidates of since, about 60 doctors  of since and professors. Nowadays at the faculty of biology degrees of bachelor and  postgraduate  in 7 specialties: botany, zoology, physiology of plants, genetics, biochemistry, ecology, physionomy of man and animals is being functioned.

 There is a zoological museum, entomological collection, herbarium, special greenhouse for growing exotic plants and botanical garden which serve essentially in the usage of new pedagogical technologies.

Collaboration with the USA, England, Germany, Israel , Poland, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kirgizstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Institute of S.A. in Uzbekistan and lots of Universities have been developing in educational - methodological, scientific - practical works.

The main direction in scientific - research work at the faculty is concerned to the solving the problems of the national economy, raising the levee of crop yield protection of environment, plant and animal's life, essential usage of natural resources.

The faculty of Natural Sciences is one of the biggest faculties at the Samarkand State University. It consists of 3 departments: biology, chemistry and geography. Department of Biology has a special place among these departments. There are chairs at the faculty: botany and plants physiology, zoology and nature protection.

At the chairs of the Biological faculty were held research work in 5 themes consisting of  34 paragraphs.

        With the  results of research work 142 educational supplies, articles, materials to the conferences and theses were: prepared. Chair of the Botany and Plant Physiology – 55. Chair of the Zoology – 31. Chair of the physiology, genetics and biochemistry – 19. Docent of the chair "Botany and Plants Physiology Nosirov took part at the project financed by the fond  of scientific  research in Switzerland. Professor of the chair” Physiology, genetics and biochemistry "Ismoilov Z.F. participated with the project in 2011", "GEO10/007" Entomopathogene Pilze. Einregionaler Ansatzzur biologischen Inssektenbekampfung in Zentrlasien und dem Kaukasus ( In English: Entomopathogenic Fungi. A Regional Concept for Insect Biocontrol in Central Asia And the Caucasus)"

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