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Faculty of Social-economy

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Information about the Department of Economics

Statistic information about the activities of the faculty

Professors and teachers - 38. The scientific potential is 68%, the number of students - 378 Masters - 20, 8 graduate researchers - 8, the number of graduates - 88 bachelor's, 11 master.

 There are 7 dissertation works, within the next 5 years, the candidate of economic sciences, including: Arabov N.U (2008). Kuvondikov Sh.O. (2008). Usmanova D.K. (2009 y.), Taniyev A.B (2010). Safarov B.Sh. (2011). Holmuhamedov M.M (2011). Nasimov D.A (2011 y.), Doctor of economic sciences Turayev BX (2011 y.).

The structure of the faculty

The faculty has the following departments:

- Economic theory

- Economy and labor sociology

- Social economy, management and finance.

2 bachelor of professional education: 5230100 - Economy (industry) 5111000 - Professional Education (Economics) and 2 of the master: 5A230110 - Labor economy, 5A111101 - Professional 'limit (the economy), the training of personnel.

Composition of  Professor- teachers

Professor- teachers ` composition

the name of the department

The unit staff

The number of prof-teachers


substitute states

Teachers` age

Doc science

candidate of science


scientific potential

30 and lower




60 higher

The average age


Social, economic, and financial management















Economics and sociology of labor















Economic theory



























History of the faculty

Training of highly qualified personnel in the economic sphere was established   firstly  in September  1992 at the University.  33 students were accepted on the Faculty of Applied Mathematics in the establishment and management.  In this regard, the department was opened.

1993-1994 academic year, the faculty of tourism economy and opened on  its specialty. 1995-1996 academic year admission to students on the specialty of Management began in September 1995 with funding relationship 'was organized by the Department of Management. In 1997, two more in the sociology department of the Economy and Labor, as well as internal and external tourism management departments have been established.

 On August 15, 1997   the Department of Economics was established after the rector`s proclamation..  This  year 30 young specialists graduated from the Faculty of Economics for the first time, they were sent  in various prestigious state institutions of the republic, finance, banking, tax and customs system.

1999-2000 academic year, for the first time in the direction of the management of undergraduates students were received. . 2000-2001 academic year, in the direction of Population and Labor Economics was organized.

As one of the leading faculties of the Department of Economics of the tourism industry and the national economy to a market economy is reforming on  various aspects of scientific research. Founder and first dean of the faculty  K. S. Saidov (1997-1999)

The field of scientific research

Samarkand State University, institutions of higher education, science and production of innovative corporate cooperation between the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on July 15, 2008, "The implementation of innovative projects and technologies in the production of additional measures to stimulate enterprise" On the draft Resolution No 916 dated March 29, 2010, the Presidium of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 20, according to the statement of paragraph 1.17 of the instructions of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, dated April 17, 2010 Board meeting of 3rd , on December 25, 2010, No. 2 and No. 13/2 in order to ensure the fulfillment of the tasks set by the Faculty of Economy of the SSU carried out the following activities.

Manufacturing facilities in every department on the innovative work carried out in cooperation is formed with the general information of the faculty.

The main research themes of the departments and their implementation status.

"Economics and labor sociology"

The theme of the research department "Labour and effective use of resources" in this field of research on the subject of post-graduate and graduate and research work is  carried out by the teachers of the department. In particular, the department defended his thesis as part of scientific research and its results have been applied in practice. As well as post-graduate studies in the direction of D. Nasimov, Saidov, U.Eshbo'riyev  gave  special PhD thesis,  and they are on the eve of a successful defense.  8 PhD researchers and graduate students are carrying  out scientific research within the framework of the research topic in the chair.

Professors and teachers of the department are preparing  the educational-methodical instructions and manuals. In particular,  the collaboration   with the Tashkent State Economic University  "Labor economy and population" department was prepared and published the manuals "Wages abroad", "Labor market infrastructure", "labor problems".  In addition, the university in cooperation with the new edition of "Economy and Labor sociology " are preparing for the Study Guide on the subject.

"The Department of Accounting and Finance"

Today, on the theme of " statistical indicators for  improvement of    living standards of the population   and the reality of  financial reporting issues" were organized different scientific works.  This topic banking, financial, tax, accounting and audit, Statistics and innovation in the areas are published articles on  local, national and international level. During the last three-four years on the above directions 4 (four) of  PhD thesis were defended.

The main subject of the research department of social and economic life of the developments referred to the problems of jobs and living standards.  On this main issue was defended one doctorate  dissertation and three   candidate dissertations. There is a department of postgraduate, graduate students   that carry all this point of scientific research on the subject.  The research conclusions of the scientific, social and economic life are being introduced. Particularly , Associate Professor of the Department Sh. Kuvondikov`s  scientific conclusions has been introduced in the  reference practice in the Samarkand regional department of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 28.01.2008 10-02 / 02 of the act, and "Oila " scientific-practical center of the Samarkand regional branch of No. 01/37 of December 21, 2007.

Innovative scientific cooperation   indicators of   Departments

The chair of  "The economy and the labor sociology " together with the TSEU  "Labor economy and population" and a new direction with the editing  of the department, "the establishment of wages abroad", "Labor market infrastructure", "Labor Problems" Science training manuals for the preparation and printing  with the scientific cooperation.

"Management Accounting and finance department» having scientific cooperation between enterprises and the enterprises related indicators, cooperate manuals:

• to improve the accounting and reporting;

• improving the  cost of calculation ;

• the introduction of new technologies

the theme will be prepared and implemented.

Banking and Finance Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent Institute of  Finance and Economics and services, as a result of cooperation  4 candidate member of the group defended. Members of the group A.Taniyev and S. Alikulovs  are on the eve of publishing  monographs on doctoral work.

There is a scientific cooperation "Social Economics and Management" department of the University of Tambov (Russia), under the President of Kazakhstan "in management, economics, and predicted" the Kazakh Institute (chemistry) and Coventry (England) University.

Faculty teaching education

The main focus of the educational work to improve the educational process of normative documents, the educational process and the establishment of an effective mechanism of control over the quality of education, the development of new technologies, raise the quality of teaching. The introduction of students to improve attendance, training and strengthening of labor discipline, the knowledge level of the students is selected on the investigation and take appropriate measures.

Raise the quality of the educational process and to coordinate the work of departments in the system, in order to increase the efficiency of the final qualifying works on following instructions and recommendations were developed, the chairs were provided:

- Qualification for the execution of works and guidelines;

- Professors and teachers instructions on how to fill the magazine;

- The criteria to assess the quality of the lessons indicators;

- A complex educational and scientific research works of students;

- The registration of the account;

- Instructions for the preparation of the report of the department;

- 1 ticket to the students;

- Pedagogical practice working program.

The  direction of social and political sciences.

Statistic information about the activities of the department

 There are 59 professors and teachers`  section of socio-economic, social and political sciences faculty . The scientific potential is 58%. Sociology 49 in the direction of the department, the national idea, the basis of spirituality and philosophy of human rights education in the direction of 395 people in the direction of -22; 152 in the direction of social work, a total of 618 undergraduate students are studying.

 “The idea of national independence”,  philosophical issues: “Aesthetics”; “The basis of spirituality”; “Ethics and aesthetics” 30 graduate students are trained in the specialty.

4-graduate students,  researchers 4, 121-graduates. In the socio-political science chair defended  16 doctoral and post-doctoral researcher  thesis defended successfully.

The structure of the department

Social - political science department includes 3 chairs: National ideology and philosophy, social work, and the politology, theory and practice of building democratic society. Teachers of the department prepare masters on specialties of the   sociology;  social work; national idea, the basis of spirituality and human rights education; specialty bachelor of philosophy and issues of national philosophical idea; the basis of spirituality; aesthetics; ethics and aesthetics. Sociology in the Department of Social Work was established in the laboratory to carry out this research in the field of sociology and social work in the laboratory future conduct independent research and analysis of sociological surveys and analysis for the conditions. Board of faculty mentors will work. In addition, there is a talented students in academic circles, these circles of students and undergraduates worked on topical issues of social and political sciences research reports.

History of Department

Samarkand State University department of social and political sciences was established after  the independence in all directions. Initially, the sociology as the part of the history faculty in 1993, the Faculty of Sociology, 1996 as the part of the philosophy , 2001 at the national idea:  consists of the main areas of law and spirituality.

In 2003, this route is removed from the history faculty and existed the  independent social and political sciences faculty.

In 2005 the faculty again in a new direction - the direction of social work and social work in this direction open bachelors in the specialty. In order to optimize the structure of social and political sciences faculty added with Faculty of History in 2006.In 2011, according to the changes in the structure of university faculties and departments out of the context of the social and political sciences faculty of the department of history and social and economic integration was named  the Faculty of Economics.

By the professors in the department of social and political sciences faculty for bachelor's and master's philosophy is written training manuals and guidelines, including the text of the lectures I, II, III, parts  C .: SSU (1992, 1993,1994); Principles of Theology. T .: 1995, Uzbekistan (manual) (Yaxshilikov J).  Philosophy, practical training and methodological recommendations, S .: SSU. 1996; Philosophy and outlook  Haydarov P, Yaxshilikov J   S.: SSU 1998; For the moral basis of academic lyceums and vocational training program T.: 1999, 2004; National values and principles of spirituality T.: 2001 yil. Yaxshilikov J, Aliqulov Q.

Since 2009, the faculty in the field of social work graduates and preparing them for further scientific research and studies in order to create a 'social business' is scheduled to open on a specialty. Given the scientific potential of the section 'Aesthetics' is scheduled to open on postgraduate specialty.

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