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Head of the department

Babakulov Ismail Turkmanovich

1980-1981 - worker at the collective farm named after Amir Temur of Pastdargom region
1981-1983 - Military service
1983-1984 - a student of the preparatory department of Samarkand State University
1984-1989 - student of the Faculty of Russian Philology, Samarkand State University
1989-1993 - lecturer, Deputy Dean of the Philological Faculty of the Navoi branch of the Tashkent State Pedagogical Institute named after Nizami
1991-1994 - Postgraduate student of the Russian Language Department of Samarkand State University
1994-1995 - Lecturer at the Department of Russian Language, Samarkand State University.
1995-2002 - Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Russian Philology, Samarkand State University
2002-2008 - Associate Professor of Samarkand State University
2008-2011 - Doctoral student of Samarkand State University.
2011-2018 - Associate Professor of the Russian Language Department, Samarkand State University
2018 y.w. - Head of the Russian Language Department of Samarkand State University

In 1958, the Department of the Russian Language in national groups was established on the basis of the Russian Language Department of SamSU, the purpose of which was to assist the special departments of the University in training teachers, researchers and highly qualified specialists for the national economy.
The first head of the department was A.I. Abrazheev, whose research interests were related to problems of comparative grammar of the Russian and Uzbek languages and methods of teaching Russian in national groups.
Such experienced teachers worked at the department as A.A. Fuksman, A.P. Yakovlev, P.P. Grigoriev, S.I. Dugay, Z.A. Shugurova, A.S. Akopova, V.A. Vitovskaya, R.N. Tabaeva, R.K. Mamadzhanova, L.G. Barkaeva, V.N. Gorbenko, A.B. Babahodzhaev.
A.N. Tikhonov, G.S. Choi, H.M. Ikramova began to work at the department
In 1963, became the head of the department Tsoi A.A. and among them R.M. Muminov.The research work of the department was connected not only with the methodology of teaching the Russian language in a non-Russian audience, but also with the problems of the modern Russian language.
The department maintained contact with universities in Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Tver, Yerevan, Baku and Tashkent.
In 1980, the department was divided into two departments: the department of the Russian language in the national groups of natural faculties, which was headed by Assoc. Schegolikhina V.I. and the department of the Russian language in the national groups of humanitarian faculties under the guidance of professor Tsoi A.A.
From 1983 to 1987, Ph.D theses were defended by A. A. Aliev (under the direction of prof. Dmitriev) and N.K. Birich (under the direction of V.M. Mokienko).
In 1987, the department again opened. Then prof. Tsoi A.A.became the head of the department.
At the initiative of the department systematically conducted scientific and methodological conferences on this issue.
From 1990 to 2012, the department was headed by prof. A.S. Pardaev. In 1991, in Moscow at the Institute of the Russian Language, he successfully defended his doctoral thesis on the topic: “Reflected antonymy in the Russian language”. Prof. Pardaev A.S. led a large research work. He published about 100 scientific and educational works, four of them are monographs. Under his leadership, defended their theses Babakulov I.T., Latipov O.Zh., Kholmuradova F., Mamasoliev I.U. and others.
At the initiative of the department systematically scientific and methodological conferences on this issue were conducted. 
In 1992, after the reorganization, the department of the Russian language in national groups of SamSPI merged with the department of the Russian language in national groups of SamSU.
From 2012 to 2018, the head of the department was assistant Mamasoliev I.U. At this time, experienced teachers, who have a great teaching experience behind them, worked at the department: V.G. Smolyakov, R.N. Khasanova, doc. I.T. Babakulov E.I. Mamatova, S.Yu. Usmanov, G.Kh. Holmirzaeva etc.
Since December 2018, the department is headed by doc. I.T. Babakulov.The department has a methodical section. Nowadays 22 teachers work there. Teachers of the department do a great job of preparing and publishing manuals and developments, actively participate in international scientific conferences, publish articles in scientific collections, and improve their skills in various universities of the Republic and abroad.
The department maintains contacts with universities of the CIS countries, lyceums and colleges of the city and the Republic. At the department, teachers of schools and colleges in the region and the city undergo training, textbooks and teaching aids are published together.