The next meeting of the Scientific Seminar under the Academic Council DSc.03/ 30.12.2019.Fil.02.03, which awards degrees at Samarkand State University, will be held on June 10, 2021 at 11:00 – 14:00.


1.Discussion of the dissertation of Begimov Odil Tuxtamishovich on the specialty 10.00.01 - Uzbek language Doctor of Philology (DSC) on “Historical-linguistic research of oronim South Uzbekistan”.

2.Discussion of the dissertation of Butunbayeva Tumaris A`zamjonovnaning on the specialty 10.00.01 - Uzbek language doctor of philosophy (PhD) on philological sciences Linguistic providing individuality in modern poetic discourse (In the example of poetries of A Uktam and M Mirzo)

3. Various issues.

Address: Samarkand city.  University Avenue 15. Samarkand State University, Main Educational Building l - floor, 105 - room.