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Department of Theory and Practice of Psychology

Head of the department

Bo'tayeva Umida Aliboyevna


17.07.1983 y - He was born in Jambay district of Samarkand region..

1989-2000 уу. – He studied at the 1st general secondary school of Jambay district

2002-2006 уу. Bachelor's student of Samarkand State University

2006-2008 уу. - Master student of Samarkand State University

2007-2008 уу. - 1- Samarkand Pedagogical College, Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, teacher in pedagogy and psychology

2008-2012 уу. – Senior teacher of "Pedagogy-psychology and education management" Samarkand regional institute of retraining and advanced training of pedagogical staff

2012-2013 уу. - Psychologist of Tashkent Vocational College of Hotel Management

2013-2014 уу. - Dispatcher of the educational and methodical department of the Tashkent Regional Institute of Retraining and Advanced Training of Teachers

2014-2015 уу. - Senior Lecturer of the Siyabsk Medical College, Department of Social Science, Samarkan Region

2016-2017 уу. - Senior Researcher, Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami

2017–2018 уу.- basic doctoral student of the Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami

2019-2020 ee. - Samarkand Regional Center for Retraining and Advanced Training of People's Education Workers, Associate Professor of the Department of Pedagogy, Psychology and Educational Technologies

2020-2021 уу- Lecturer at the Department of Theory and Practice of Psychology, Samarkand State University.

2020 у. - p.t - Head of the Department of Theory and Practice of Psychology, Samarkand State University


Samarkand State University is an institution of higher education with a long history and a solid reputation that ensures the work of dozensof specialist sinsociety.
Amongthem, manyhighlyeducatedspecialists, includingpsychologists, havebeenservinginpubliclifeforalmost 80 years.
GavkharYormukhammedova (pedagogicalpsychology), MusaKhalilov (“Formationofthescientificworldviewamongstudents”), Tamara Abaeva (family psychology), NinelGrigorieva, DamirRabbimov (history of psychology), ZeboIbragimova (psychological service), ZulaykhoKhasanova (“Understanding the family of students of vocational colleges”), KudratDaminov, OgiloyOtavalieva, AbduhalimAbduakhadov, Samara Abdoukhadov, Samara, 15 Iskandarov, HolboyIbragimov, YuldashboyMasharipov annually created the basis for psychological training of 60 people.
For 17 years, since 2001, the department has graduated students with a bachelor's degree in psychology.
Graduates of this direction work as psychologists in various spheres of social life - in the sphere of education, health care, internal affairs, culture, media, sports, trade and other fields.
Now the department has 20 teachers who are actively involved in public events, such as education, spiritual education, monitoring of graduates and community service.
Since 2013, the department has established an educational and scientific laboratory "Psychological Center". This mainly concerns psychological assistance, psychological counseling, psychoprophylaxis, psychodiagnostics. The department has established cooperation with the Tashkent Medical Academy, Samarkand Regional Institute for Retraining and Retraining, Payaryk College of Service, Academic Lyceum No. 2 at the University, Samarkand Teachers Colleges 1 and 2.
The department gives an opinion on candidates for work in state bodies, conducts forensic psychological examinations and assists in conducting psycho-preventive work in the city of Samarkand as an organization that has the exclusive right to give psychological conclusions in the region.
Today we are building a civil society and creating a healthy society for it.
Specialists of the department provide comprehensive psychological assistance to the population within the meaning of human life (logotherapy), stimulate his work.