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Department of Historiography and Source Studies

Head of the department

Ergashev Baxtiyar

  •  Reception days: Everyday (8:00 -16:00)
  •  Phone number: +99893 347 99 80
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1980-1981 - Laboratory assistant of Samarkand State University
1981 - 1993 - Assistant of the Samarkand State University
1993 - 2003 - Deputy dean for spiritual and educational work
2003 - 2009 - Associate Professor of the Department of Historiography and Source Studies of the Samarkand State University
2009 - 2011 - Senior scientific employee of the National University of Uzbekistan
2012 - 2013 - Associate Professor of the Department of Historiography and Source Studies of the Samarkand State University
2013 - present time - Head of the Department of "Historiography and Source Studies" of the Samarkand State University

1. The name of the department: “Historiography and source study”

2. Brief information about the department. The department of "Historiography and source study, methods of historical research", being the same age as the historical faculty, was organized in 1927 under the title "History of the Peoples of the Soviet". In 1972 the department was divided into the departments "History of the Soviet and the Soviet period" and "History of the Soviet of the pre-Soviet period". In 1997, the Department of History of the Peoples of Eurasia and Methods of Teaching History, Historiography and Source Studies.

In the history of the department, the indelible mark scientist’s teachers as S.V. Yushkov, M.Ya. Phenomena, A.M. Malkov, A.P. Brass, associate professors: H.F. Chikaev, Yu.N. Aleskerov, E.H. Khozhiev, V.I. Efimov, M.U. Aminov, M.A. Egamberdiev, Ҳ.A. Aminov, OA Azimov, K.Yu. Yusupov, N.I. Akhmedova, V.I. Sevryuk, S. Ismoilov, K.M. Mamatulov, S.Kasanova, R.Usozov, M.A. Negmatova.In 2000, the department was named "Historiography and Source Studies". Nowadays in this department employs 12 teachers for 10 staff members: 1 doctor of science, professor, 3 candidates of science, assistant professor; 2 senior teachers, 6 assistants. The number of hours for the 2016-2017 academic year is 15,405 hours.  There include 8834 hours - educational, 2315 hours - scientific and methodical, 2157 hours-scientific research work, 1012 hours - organizational and methodical, 1087 hours - spiritual and educational and educational work.

  1. Supervisors were professors. Yuzhkov S.V. Kozhiev E. after the separation of prof. Efimov V.I. In 1997-2000, 2007-2013 years - Doctor of Historical Sciences. prof. Saidov IM, 2000-2005 - Ph.D. Assoc. Yusupov RK, since 2013 the department is headed by Candidate of Historical Sciences, associated by. Ergashev B.E.

Currently, at the department Saidov IM, has a doctorate in historical sciences and academic title of professor. Ergashev B.E. passed his doctoral thesis for consideration of IlmiyKengash. There is a scientific institute of researchers at the department (Buzrukov M., Mahmudov T., Abriev H., Rasulova D.).

In 2002-2005, the cooperation with the University of Bologna (Italy) at the department operated a magistracy. At the moment on the specialty 5A120304 - "Methods of Historiography and Historical Research (by countries)" and 5A 150204 - "Museology, conservation and preservation of artistic monuments" the direction of the master's degree is taught by 19 undergraduates. Graduates of the master degree  as highly qualified personnel contribute to the development of the museum science of the city and the region, the scientific design of researchers, the state of historical sources in the archives, the completion of archival funds, their modern design, etc.

Under the guidance of Assoc. B.E. Ergasheva scientific-innovation group is carried out in cooperation with the museum-reserve of Samarkand region.

10 monographs, 15 educational and methodical manuals, more than 250 scientific articles (of which more than 50 titles in foreign scientific publications), about 300 theses, and 40 teaching and methodical complexes were developed on the basis of studying the methods of historical and historical analysis of historical processes. The scientific potential is 40%. Associate professors: D.N.Razhabova, M.A. Khandamova, senior lecturers: M.Buzrokov, T.Mahmudov, teachers: H.Abriev, A.Yakubov, S.Ravshanov, Z.Hasanova and A.Mullaev are productive in scientific research .

Professor - the teaching staff of the department "Historiography and Source Studies" performs research work on the topic "Historiography of Uzbekistan of the Soviet period and the period of independence", designed for the years 2016-2020, traditionally produced scientific collections of articles by teachers, undergraduates and gifted students. The relevance of the topic being studied is that their results are introduced into the practice of teaching history at the faculty. In order to organize, carry out and supervise the research work of the department, close cooperation has been established with the Institute of History of the Abu RayhonBeruni Institute of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences. And also established international scientific relations established with the leading higher educational institutions of Russia: Moscow, Dnepropetrovsk, St. Petersburg, Kazakhstan - Almaty, Turkmenistan - Ashgabat, Iran, USA (Indiana University). The main task of the department is to train qualified personnel that meets modern requirements of the time.

Specificity of training: the preparation of bachelors and undergraduates in the direction of history - historiography-source studies and museology.

The department provides methodological assistance to the 2-academic lyceum attached to the Samarkand State University, the Akdarya Community Service College. The object of pedagogical practice of students, specializing in the department, is the Samarkand State Museum-Reserve, the State Archive of the Samarkand region. Teaching staff on the basis of a long-term plan drawn up by the rector increases their professional qualifications in relevant courses.

The name of directions and specialties, their code and brief characteristics: on the basis of the State educational standard, bachelors and masters in the specialties 5A120304 - "Methods of historiography and historical research (by countries)" and 5A 150204 - "Museology, conservation and preservation of artistic monuments ".

According to the national training program for four years, fundamental and practical knowledge in the fields of history and archeology is provided. In the direction of the magistracy, in-depth knowledge is acquired on the basic subjects concerning source study-historiography and museology.

Based on the current requirements of the law "On the formation of the National Program for the Training of Personnel", the State Standards of Higher Education, the teaching staff of the department pays much attention to the preparation of textbooks, lecture texts, monographs, articles, methodological recommendations, curricula in historiography, source study and museology.

There is a scientific student group "Historiography and source studies and methods of scientific research" at the department and also a scientific seminar "Actual problems of historiography and source study".

Teaching staff of the department considers its main goal the education of comprehensively developed qualified personnel that meet the requirements of modern scientific and pedagogical staff.