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Lastname Firstname Dissertation Titles Specialty Date of protection  
Egamberdiyev Mehmonjon Khudoyberdievich Larvae of helminthes of terrestrial mollusks of the Fergana valley: fauna and taxonomy 03.00.06 – Zoology 06.05.2021 Download
Rokhimova Shirin Ollanazarovna The effect of turkesterone on the nutrient assimilation at experimental diabetes 03.00.08 – Human and animal physiology 07.01.2021 Download
Ilyasova Gulnara Kenesbaevna Influence of level of motive activity on physical development and vegetative indexes of teenagers in the region of of Southern Aral sea area 03.00.08 – Human and animal physiology 07.01.2021 Download
Nurniyozov Akhtam Abdunazarovich Highest aquatic and coastal plant Samarkand region and their significance 03.00.05 – Botany 07.02.2020 Download
Avalbaev Olimjon Narkuzievich Bioecology of representatives of the genus Ferula L. of the Western Pamir- Alai Range and improvement of their rational use 03.00.05 – Botany 07.02.2020 Download
Akhmadjonova Sadokatkhon Shokirovna Bioecology and vertiсal migration of the beetle Agriotes metikulosus Candeze 1863 (Elateridae) in Ferghana valley 03.00.06 – Zoology 08.02.2019 Download
Niyazova Oybakhor Baxritdinovna Systematic structure, ecology and economical meaning of soil macrofauna of Zarafshan valley’s orchards 03.00.06 – Zoology 08.02.2019 Download
Khayitov Davron G‘aybullayevich Effects of adverse factors on the physiological, biochemical and immunological statuses of the organism of rabbit breeds 03.00.08 – Human and animal physiology 12.11.2019 Download
Seytkamalov Khayratdin Maulenovich Features of the functional state of the cardiovascular system of cattle in the conditions of Southern Aral Sea region 03.00.08 – Human and animal physiology 12.11.2019 Download
Mirametova Nadira Purkhanatdinovna Ecology–physiological description of features of adaptive reactions of organism of children in Southern Aral sea area 03.00.08–Human and animal physiology 7.06.2019 Download
Mirzakulov Sobitjon Oltinovich Energetic metabolism and peroxidation of liver mitochondria at hepatitis and its correction by flavosan and daidzin 03.00.08 – Human and animal physiology 26.04.2019 Download
Yusupova Umida Rakhmanovna Effect of quercetin and haplogenin-7-glucoside on mitochondrial energy, phospholipid metabolism, and lipid peroxidation 03.00.08 – Human and animal physiology 15.03.2019 Download