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Admission to academic lyceums starts today

    Today, June 20, academic lyceums for the 2022/2023 academic year received documents from graduates of the 9th grade of secondary schools through the portal, online admission processes begin.

    When registering, applicants must upload electronically (PDF, JPEG) the following documents, including personal data:

    - certificate of completion of the 9th grade in the current year;

    - 1 color photograph 3.5x4.5 cm in size;

    - documents giving the right to preferential admission - a diploma, a certificate, a certificate of the winner of a subject Olympiad, a competition, a competition, as well as a National or international certificate on the level of knowledge of a foreign language and general subjects (if any).

    Applicants at registration:

    - must choose from three academic lyceums in one relevant direction of their choice (In this case, the language of instruction must be the same);

    - and it also determines which foreign language will take the entrance test.

    The applicant also takes part in the entrance tests, which are held in the selected region (the Republic of Karakalpakstan, the regional center or the city of Tashkent).

    *Additional information related to the admission process can be obtained from the "Call Center" organized in academic lyceums or through the link below: ( ?usp=sharing).

    For reference, documents to the academic lyceum at the Tashkent State University of Law are accepted through the website