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Tojik filologiyasi va xorijiy sharq tillari

Head of the department

Hamrov Jumakul

    • Reception time: Every day (8:00 -16: 00)

    • Phone number: +99891 5289800

    • Email:


1962-1963 - A student of one-year teaching course for primary class.

1963-1964 - Teacher of school  № 8 named after Prizhevsky, Norak city, Republic of Tajikistan.

1964-1969 - Student of Samarkand State University.

1969-1970 - Educator of school  № 8 in Samarkand.

1970-1977 - Bibliographer of the Department of Oriental Manuscripts of the Scientific Library of Samarkand State University.

1970-1971 – Was in military service.

1977-2001 - Lecturer at the Department of “Tajik Literature”, Samarkand State University.

2001-2007 - Dean of the Faculty of Tajik Philology, Samarkand State University.

2007-2009 - Head of the Department of “Tajik Literature”, Samarkand State University.

2009-2012 - Acting Dean of the Faculty of Philology of Samarkand State University.

Department of “Tajik Philology and Foreign Oriental Languages”: yesterday and today

The Department of Tajik Language and Literature was established in 1956 as a result of the merger of Maxim Gorky Pedagogical Institute and the Sadriddin Aini Teacher Training Institute with Samarkand State University. Rahim Mukimov, Rahmon Egamberdiev, Mirsafo Atoev, Samariddin Asliddinov, Sadorat Ayubjonova, Talat Abdujabborov, Razzoq Gafforov, Mardon Sharifzoda, Vose Kasimov, Lubat Nazarova began their exemplary work as the first teachers of the department. Later Botirkhon Valikhodjaev, Soleh Halimov, Shavkat Shukurov, Nasriddin Sharofzoda, Rauf Marufiy, Sultan Ibrahimzoda, Abduaziz Zohidov, Ibrahim Gafurov joined the ranks of teachers of the department.

In 1967, the department was managed by Samarkand State Teacher Training Institute and in 1988 by Samarkand State University. After the addition of the Pedagogical Institute to Samarkand State University, the two departments were united. During the activity of the department great teachers, such as Rahim Mukumov, Talat Abdujabborov, Botirkhon Valikhodjaev, Soleh Halimov, Shavkat Shukurov, Sadri Sadiev, Abdusalom Samadov, Hamroqul Berdikulov, Gayrat Rahimkulov worked as the head of the department. For many years, Bakhtiyor Nasriddinzoda, Aziza Yusupova, Huseyn Daliliy, Gafur Mahmudov, Abdunabi Zohidov, Saidjamol Mirjafarov, Abduvahhob Vohidov, Vafo Nazarov, Mukaddas Dadaboev taught students various subjects in the field of philology, i.e. Tajik language and literature, as well as Persian and Arabic languages.

For half a century, the department has been contributing to the development of thousands of high-potential professionals, including scientists, writers, poets, journalists and government officials. If we look at the history of the department, representatives of Tajik literature, such as Mirzo Tursunzade, Jalal Ikromiy, Sotim Ulugzoda, Boqi Rahimzoda, Foteh Niyazi, Loiq Sherali, Ubayd Rajab, Qudbiy Kirom, Gulchehra Sulaymonova, Kamol Nasrullo, Askar Hakim, Gulrukhsor, Farzona, Yusuf Akobirov and others were the dear guests of teachers and students at the department. In addition, scholars of Tajik literature Abdulgani Mirzoev, Bobojon Niyozmuhammadov, Nosirjon Masumi, Rasul Rasul Khodizoda, Kholik Mirzozoda, Abdukodir Maniyazov, Aziz Sharif A.Z. Rosenfeld, G.M. Nalbandian, A. Afsahzod and others gave lectures to students on important issues in the field of Tajik language and literature.

In 2005-2010, the textbooks of Tajik language and literature based on the ideology of independence were created for the pupils of Tajik schools with the initiative of Professor S.Sadiev, associate professors A.Kamarzoda, A.Vakhidov, J.Hamroev, A.Samadov, A.Vakhidov, G.Mahmudov and others, students of Tajik schools studied based on the ideology of independence have been.

During those years, at the initiative of scientists of the department held a number of prestigious international and national scientific conferences, including “The idea of national awakening and new contemplation in educational literature” (2001), “Literary work of Sadriddin Aini” (2003), “Important issues of independence ideology and philology” (2003), “Abdurahmon Jami and Alisher Navoi - an example of our exemplary literary and ancient cooperation” (2004), “The role of Abu Abdullah Rudaki in world literature” (2009).

The Department of Tajik Language and Literature has been operating since September 2021 under the name of the Department of Tajik Philology and Foreign Oriental Languages. The head of the department is the doctor of Philological Sciences, Prof. J. Hamroev. The department has a total of 23 professors and teachers, 8 students of Masters degree and one cabinet manager, 5 doctoral students and independent researchers and 1 senior researcher. Among them are three doctors of sciences, professors, 2 candidates of sciences, 6 doctors of philosophy (PhD), associate professors, 3 teachers. Over the past 3 years, 7 independent scientific researchers and assistants of the department successfully defended their doctoral (PhD) dissertations at a one-time specialized council under the Commission on Higher Attestation of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Philology (Asian and African languages and literature) and they took their PhD Diplomas. Currently, the dissertations of doctoral students and independent researchers and assistants are on the verge of defense. Thus, the continuous increase of the scientific potential of the department is carried out successfully. The department is the only basic higher education institution in the Republic, which specializes in 5120100 - Philology and language teaching (Tajik philology) Bachelor's degree and 5A120102-Linguistics (Tajik linguistics) and 5A120101- Literature Study (Tajik literature) Masters degree. Leading professors and teachers of Tajik language and literature department have been working consistently since independence. Textbooks, manuals, monographs, teaching aids created and being created by the leading professors and teachers of the department are used in practice in related educational institutions of Uzbekistan. In particular, the process of teaching special subjects is currently carried out on the basis of scientific and theoretical literature, electronic textbooks, teaching materials created during the independence. Educational-methodical complexes, methodical instructions, electronic versions of all specialties are created by professors and teachers of the department and stored in separate copies in the information resource center of the faculty.


Айни пайтда кафедра профессор-ўқитувчилари томонидан битта Республика миқёсидаги илмий лойиҳа амалга оширилмоқда. Истиқболда кафедра профессор-ўқитувчилари халқаро алоқаларни мустаҳкамлаш, илмий салоҳиятни ошириш, иқтидорли ёшларни рўёбга чиқариш, ёш олимлар билан жиддий тарзда ёндашиш, корпоратив ҳамкорликларни йўлга қўйишни асосий мақсадлари сифатида белгилаб олишган.


Science curricula taught at the department


• Modern Tajik

• Linguistic theory

• History of the Tajik language

• Tajik folklore

• Tajik dialectology

• Oriental (Persian and Arabic) language

• History of Tajik classical literature

• History of world literature

• Literature of the Iranian peoples

• Literary theory

• History of modern Tajik literature

• History of Tajik literary criticism

• Methods of teaching Tajik language and literature

• Sufi literature

• Textual studies and source studies

• Sociolinguistics

• Methodology

• History of Tajik linguistics


Masters Degree:

• Classical historical poetics

• Problems of new Tajik literature

• Problems of linguistic theory

• Pragmalinguistics

• Psycholinguistics

• Linguoculturology

• The language and literature of the media

• Etymological problems

• History of literature

• Literary methodology

• Literary process and criticism