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Department of History of Classical Literature

Head of Department

Suloymonov Isroiljon Isomiddinovich

  • Reception days: Everyday (8:00 -16:00)
  •  Phone number: +99897-576-81-03
  •  Email:


1999-2003 – Student of Samarkand State University;
2003-2005 – Master of Samarkand State University;
2005-2008 – Postgraduate student of Samarkand State University;
2010 – Defended his dissertation on "Mulla Makhmud Kari and his poetic heritage";
2008-2015 – Lecturer at the Department of History of Uzbek Literature, Samarkand State University;
2015-2017 – Senior Research Fellow, Samarkand State University;
2018-2020 – Associate Professor of the History of Classical Literature, Samarkand State University;
2020 – Defended his doctoral dissertation (DSc) on “The literary narrative of victor and defeat person’s state of mind in «Boburname»;
Since 2020 - Head of the Department of History of Classical Literature, Samarkand State University.


Chair of History of Uzbek Literature was founded by the leadership of the first Uzbek professor Abdurauf Fitrat in 1927.

In chair two doctors of sciences and five candidates of sciences occupy with scientific-pedagogical activity.

In chair important theory and practical problems of History of Uzbek Classical Literature, researches on methodology of education are being investigated. Especially, basic researches are done in the fields like poetical specialties of classical literary texts, literary contacts among Turkic and Persian peoples and the place of literary inheritance of Alisher Navoi in the history of world culture.  

There are a magistracy specialty of “Literary criticism” – 5A220101 and postgraduate study and doctoral studies in the specialty of “History of Uzbek Literature” – 10.00.02 in the chair.

The results of scientific-research works which were done in the chair are published in the influential journals of foreign countries such as Turkey, Russia, Iran Islamic Republic and USA.